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Next Generation of Retail IT: Estee Lauder

While discovering the best way forward through unprecedented change, Estee Lauder was also building a digital-first strategy that will thoughtfully propel them into the future of retail.

Over the past year, the storied retailer implemented a secure, BYOD strategy for thousands of employees, enabling remote learning, social selling, and reconnecting valuable beauty advisors with the consumers that trust them. Augmented reality “try-ons” helped create a better online experience for consumers and curbside pick-up breathed life back into brick-and-mortar stores. All powered by modern IT infrastructure and applications.

We wanted our customers to have a beauty advisor assisted experience as well as a self-service experience via our online channels. We’re really able to do that because of the platform.

Jared Feldman, Global Retail IT Leader, Estee Lauder

Listen as Jared Feldman, Global Retail IT Leader, Estee Lauder shares insights on how VMware solutions enabled the technology makeover that will take them to the next generation of retail IT.

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