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Five Can’t-Miss Financial Services Sessions at VMworld

It’s that time of year again: VMworld 2021 is right around the corner. As always, customers will get a first-hand look at VMware’s current roadmap, broader strategy, and forward-looking innovations plus access to more than 600 sessions delivered live and on-demand.

This year’s VMworld will be a global online event, taking place worldwide October 5 – 7, 2021. Attend to learn about innovative solutions, hear perspectives from VMware executives, advance your skills, and engage with experts and peers across the industry ecosystem. 

Speaking of industry, we’ve curated key sessions that are designed for financial services technology leaders and their teams. Register now (General Passes are FREE) to take advantage of these sessions and more.

Banking on the Cloud – Fast Path to a Digital-First Business [APP2656]

Jennifer Manry, VP – Global Industries Group, VMware

The financial services sector—and, more specifically, banking—is facing unprecedented disruption. In the past 18 months, plans and priorities have changed, the way we work has shifted, and customers’ expectations are higher. Moving operations and applications to the cloud helps address pressing problems while keeping financial services organizations resilient and agile. In this session, hear from Jennifer Manry, VP of Global Industry Solutions at VMware, and VMware customers on how VMware Cloud, Modern Apps, and Anywhere Workspace solutions are solving today’s current issues and preparing them for whatever comes next.

Don’t Break the Bank – Talking about Transformation, Cybercrime, and Survival [EUS1061]

Featuring: ​
Matthew O’Neill, Industry Managing Director, VMware
Brian Hayes, Financial Services Industry Director, VMware
Jennifer Manry, VP – Global Industries Group, VMware
Tom Kellermann “TK”, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, VMware

Being resilient and agile is required whilst being secure/cybersecure is the make or break for reputation, brand, and even regulatory action. In this session, hear from Jennifer Manry, VP of global industry solutions at VMware, Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at VMware and Member of the Cyber Investigations Advisory Board for the USSS will join Brian Hayes and Matthew O’Neill for a special episode of our Don’t Break The Bank Podcast to talk about the tactics our Financial Services customers can take to get the cybercriminals to focus on the bank next door.

​Expand the Impact of AI in Financial Services [VI2078]

Featuring: ​ ​
John Ashley, General Manager, Financial Services and Technology, NVIDIA ​Jennifer Manry, VP – Global Industries Group, VMware

​In a recent survey of more than 200 global financial services professionals, we learned which AI applications had the biggest impact on fintech and investment firms. The respondents also confirmed, not surprisingly, that AI adoption is often slowed by a lack of technology infrastructure. In this session, we will share how AI is transforming the financial sector, from fintech and investment firms to commercial and retail banks. We will also show how NVIDIA and VMware have developed an AI-ready platform to streamline AI adoption across the enterprise. Supported on VMware vSphere and including NVIDIA-optimized AI frameworks and tools, this new AI platform streamlines the deployment and management of AI resources while also providing the firm’s data scientists and AI researchers with best-in-class tools to speed the time to results.

​Faster to the Future: Accelerating Innovation in Financial Services [MCL1072]

Featuring: ​ ​
Mitesh Pancholy, Senior Director & Principal Architect, VMware ​
Felicia Schwartz, Director, VMware

​Competing in today’s financial services industry is tough. Fintechs, challenger banks, online banks, and Big Tech are all vying for the same customers. To keep existing customers engaged and attract new ones, traditional financial institutions must be able to deliver new digital services faster, as well as offer personalized experiences and frictionless transactions. In this session, hear from the winning combination of VMware Professional Services and VMware Tanzu Labs. Learn how to accelerate the building, consumption, and adoption of VMware Cloud and how to methodically approach your application portfolio to determine where to innovate, where to modernize, and how to excel at both.

Digital Bank on VMware Cloud Across Multi-Cloud [APP1889]

Bakshana Ogra, Sr. Business Solutions Strategist, VMware ​
Pankaj Arora, Architect, VMware
​Pallav Kulshrestha, Cloud and Applications Platform Architect, VMware

​Planning to launch a new digital bank using multi-cloud as a key design principle? Learn how best to design a digital bank on multi-cloud adhering to regulatory requirements and avoid concentration risk for business continuity. In this session, we will provide the business value of VMware Cloud-powered multi-cloud as users are ramped on the digital bank. You will learn:

  • How to develop MVP for a limited launch and move to production
  • How to scale and expand across new markets while adhering to regulations
  • The business value of VMware Cloud-powered multi-cloud adoption
  • How to prepare your application portfolio for the changing landscape in banking (regulatory, M&A, etc.) to determine where to innovate, where to modernize, and how to excel at both


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