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Connecting Tech to the Customer Experience

Modern, agile, and secure applications are paramount to success in a digital-first financial services industry. But no matter how solid the digital foundation of an application is, if the user experience doesn’t hit home with customers, development is a waste of time and resources.  

Customer Experience in Finance  

In the latest installment of VMware’s financial services podcast series, Don’t Break the Bank, our industry experts talk with Jennifer Manry, Vice President, Global Financial Services Industries Group, about the importance of connecting IT with an unmatched customer experience.

Jennifer Manry Customer Experience in Finance

“Customer interaction is a really important thing to spend time on. So I definitely encourage people who are in tech to go talk to customers. You immediately know how important you are to the business.” 

– Jennifer Manry,
Vice President, Global Financial Industries Group, VMware

Jennifer believes in infusing the development process with empathy and emphasizes the importance of getting into the trenches with customers through ride alongs, interviews, and active listening. Always focused on a growth mindset, she insists that a willingness to try new things with positivity and energy is what IT leaders need for the buy-in to move forward with new initiatives.  

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In addition to customer experience, Jennifer expands on automating wherever possible and being responsible with budgets by consistently demonstrating value. Listen to all the great insights in the latest episode of Don’t Break the Bank, “If Only I Had Known That Before I Joined…with Jennifer Manry.”  


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