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At VMware, we share one goal –– to provide the most powerful digital solutions for our healthcare heroes that do the most challenging work of all, keep everyone healthy and safe. Through an extensive network of allies near and far, such as healthcare providers, payers and technology partners, VMware realizes the vital role healthcare plays and what providers need to have successful outcomes.

Working Together Towards a Common Good

It’s easy to take healthcare for granted, that is until it’s needed. That’s when patients expect doctors and nurses to be there for them. And as an industry leader, VMware is there for clinicians around the world. Particularly during these extraordinary times, healthcare organizations are delivering care in new locations and ways while needing to operate faster than ever before. For over two decades, VMware has proudly partnered with healthcare organizations worldwide to deliver better patient care and better outcomes. VMware accomplishes this by empowering clinicians to focus on patient care while enabling healthcare IT to be more adaptable, reliable, and secure.

The result –– improved clinician productivity, increased patient satisfaction, operational efficiency excellence. Speaking from experience, Dr. Matty Trott, ENT and Medical Director for Quality/IT at St. John’s Health in Jackson Hole, WY, recognizes that “technology isn’t supposed to be a barrier, technology is supposed to allow us to spend time with our patients. We can provide better care, remotely or at the bedside and allows us to get our patients out of the hospital and back in the community, with their families, where they belong.”


The Digital Transformation of Patient Experience

While navigating healthcare IT can be complicated, VMware understands and tackles that challenge head-on. VMware’s digital foundation for healthcare enables organizations to achieve connected care at scale, bringing together data, systems and people across any app, any cloud, any device so providers can focus on what matters most. When critical events do occur, VMware acts as a digital responder for healthcare first responders, arming those on the frontlines with the technology they need to serve the public. Brian Lancaster of Nebraska Medicine noted that “digital transformation has allowed us to provide virtual interactions with admitted patients reducing exposure to our providers and saving PPE.”

As technology becomes essential to the patient experience, VMware’s digital, clinical workspace solutions empower doctors and nurses to transform any device into a clinical workstation streamlining workflows and giving time back to engage with patients. Deep integration with electronic health records and other clinical systems enables providers to access and take action on patient information anywhere, securely. As society shifts into the next wave of telehealth and telemedicine, digital infrastructure enables innovation and secure patient engagement at the edge.


Empowering “Always-On” Healthcare Around the World

“Without VMware, I don’t think we would have the uptime or the reliability to be able to perform what we need to do on a global scale and do what we do best: save patient lives,” says Paul Green, CIO, Angel MedFlight. VMware’s multi-cloud solutions provide a secure-hyper connected platform to share data freely and securely across private and public clouds through consistent infrastructure and operations. More importantly, VMware safeguards protected health information wherever it travels and rests. At the data center level, VMware’s zero-trust security model is built right into the infrastructure. Simultaneously, the cloud-native endpoint protection keeps healthcare on the winning side of the battle to protect patient data and privacy.

Tallaght University Hospital illustrates the essential nature of VMware solutions. “If there were a cybersecurity attack on the hospital, it would have a significant impact. First of all, on our delivery of services. Secondly, the patients and the public would lose trust in us that we would not be a safe, secure environment for them. VMware has a good track record in healthcare, so we felt it was a good for the hospital, says David Walf, CIO, Tallaght University Hospital.


Putting It All Together

Like all the best healthcare organizations, VMware couldn’t accomplish our goals without our partners around the world. VMware works to provide robust digital solutions to healthcare workers worldwide so that they may continue to keep everyone healthy and safe. Providers are always there to lend a hand, and VMware is here to do the same. If you’re interested in learning more about VMware’s healthcare expertise or solutions, go here.


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