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VMware on Education

Never before has the future of learning rested so heavily on technology. More students than ever are engaging their studies virtually – expanding the physical boundaries of digital learning in real-time. As the world moves online at an unprecedented scale, investments in digital platforms and services that deliver and improve individualized online learning have become even more critical.

Easier Access to Education Through VMware Solutions

For over 20 years, VMware has proudly partnered with educational institutions worldwide to empower limitless learning, wherever it happens. We’ve done this by reimagining traditional IT infrastructure, aligning digital solutions to current teaching and learning models, and considering the industry’s new measure of success – student engagement. VMware’s digital foundation, anchored by consistent infrastructure and operations across data center, cloud, mobile and edge, connects students, educators, and ecosystems to rich content, services, and experiences across any device—enabling always-on learning at scale.

This experience is undoubtedly the case for Columbia Southern University (CSU), which can provide a better, more secure service for their students. “We have used VMware to rapidly expand our systems and services. That’s allowed us to meet the demands of the ever-growing online education sector and higher ed. It allows us to have the flexibility of providing courses at different times of the day and night, 24/7, around the clock – technology has allowed that,” saysJamie Andrews, Director of Network Operations, CSU.


A Digital Classroom in Your Backpack

VMware’s digital workspace solutions lessen the burden and complexity of managing personalized curriculums and communications, transforming any device into a digital backpack and folio available to students and educators everywhere.

For the Tyler Independent School District (ISD), these capabilities are vital. “We are a very Innovative School District that is very forward-thinking when it comes to technology. The enhanced mobility that VMware gives us has allowed teachers to access their content from anywhere, on the device that they choose. VMware allows us to provide a secure connection, not only in the school but also remotely. They can use any device – it’s a secure, encrypted connection back to the district,” saysJoseph Lacks, CTO, Tyler ISD. Most importantly, VMware safeguards student and organization data and privacy with a zero-trust security model and advanced endpoint protection everywhere PII and IP data exist.


A Technological Semester on the Horizon

As the world considers what the start of a new semester will look like, now is the time to rethink institutional boundaries. It’s time we transform how technology can extend the value and availability of services beyond the classroom to improve the course for today’s learners and tomorrow’s leaders. If you’re interested in learning more about VMware’s education expertise or solutions, go here.


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