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VMware, World Wide, Scythe, & Dell supporting DreamPort’s ‘Dangers in the Dream Valley’ Rapid Prototyping Event (RPE) May 19-21st  

Events in the recent weeks have seen some of the most disruptive times to daily life, as many of us have experienced or can remember.  Organizations are shifting their approaches to the IT systems that support their mission and business.  These types of changes also affect the landscape of cybersecurity and information security. At VMware, our customers are working to improve their cybersecurity posture in these ever-changing times.  As well as improve their capabilities to train and develop staff.  This led us to develop the VMware Cyber Range Solution.

In recent months, VMware, along with partners at Worldwide Technologies, Scythe, and Dell, have worked with DreamPort to deploy our on-premises Cyber Range Solution.  Based in Columbia, Maryland, DreamPort is a combination of state-of-the-art facilities, innovative programs, and imaginative people charged with finding that spark that leads to unparalleled capability for USCYBERCOM and the warfighters at large.

VMware’s Solutions & Innovations team is excited for the opportunity to support DreamPort’s Rapid Prototyping Events (RPE).  RPE’s are hands-on exercises which create a series of different outcomes based on information security objectives.  Dangers in the DreamValley is a red-team-blue-team exercise which includes the impressive DreamValley city model.

This event’s original on-site schedule was postponed due to the recent impact of COVID-19; however, DreamPort has developed a plan to host the exercise remotely on May 19-21st.  Registration is open for the event and if you are interested in participating, you can visit this link.

Within the RPE, Red teams are tasked with the goal of successfully penetrating the DreamValley city through nefarious and malicious means.  While the Blue team has the role of defending the critical infrastructure and resources operated upon the City Control Center network.  The exercise is integrated with the ‘Dream Valley city model, a collection of industry control systems (ICS) and sensors, replicating many of the daily encounters we have with technology: electric grid, self-driving vehicles, traffic signals, water management, public transportation, and more.

The platform components for the RPE environment are hosted on the VMware Cyber Range Solution.  The solution is a turnkey design that brings elements of hardware, content, applications, and services – and of course, the VMware Software-Defined Data Center and other products in the VMware portfolio. To bring value to elements beyond the VMware portfolio we have established exciting partnerships, as the design, infrastructure, and thought-leadership capabilities of World Wide Technology and Dell.  As well as a recent partnership with Scythe, who provides breach and penetration simulation for the RPE’s Red team scenarios.

VMware, WWT, and Scythe have worked with DreamPort to deploy the Range’s components and platform; most importantly designing an automated infrastructure-as-code deployment capability paired with the flexibility and features of: software-defined networking, dynamic operations, red team attack simulation, 3rd party software integration, and most notably platforming and integrated with the Dream Valley model.

Are you interested in Red-Team-Blue-Team exercises and events? Do you have expertise in the role of Cyber Security protection and defense? Are you or your organization running a Cyber Range capability or interested in one today?

For additional inquiries on this event and other aspects of the VMware Cyber Range Solution, please contact us at




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