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VMware helps organizations strengthen their cybersecurity posture through our Cyber Range Solution built on the VMware Digital Learning Platform

Contributed by:
Cameron Groves, Senior Director, Industry Solutions and Innovations Teams, VMware
Greg Chait, Sr. Solutions Technical Program Manager, Industry Strategy & Innovations, VMware

The protection of personal information is top of mind for every organization. As people, devices, and objects become more connected, a compromised connection in one system can negatively impact the mission of government agencies, healthcare providers  and payers, higher education institutions, or K-12 education systems.

According to the Ponemon Institute in their July 2018 Data Breach Study, the average loss suffered from a single cybersecurity breach is close to $4M per incident, which is a ~11% YoY increase.  The breach damages are wide ranging, and include the direct costs, indirect costs, and opportunity costs, such as negative publicity. In addition, there is a significant shortage of cybersecurity skills in the marketplace. According to a recent Forbes article, there are an estimated 1.8M unfilled cybersecurity jobs this year, which is up 20% from 2015.  This is a problem we cannot ignore.

Cybersecurity preparedness is an area of opportunity for helping our customers through education, training, and enablement in a live simulated setting. To better help organizations prepare their users and security staff for attacks, VMware has introduced the Cyber Range Solution, built on VMware’s Digital Learning PlatformTM.

Designed for organizations seeking a secure, scalable, and pre-designed technology platform for cyber learning and simulation/scenario-based exercises, VMware’s Cyber Range Solution improves security posture through automation and cloud-based technologies enabling organizations to rapidly deploy and operate for training purposes (e.g., Red Team/Blue Team exercises, Capture-the-Flag, Hackathons, etc.)

The Digital Learning Platform supports both an on-premises and off-premises version of the Cyber Range Solution in order to meet customers’ requirements. Independent of its cloud infrastructure, VMware’s Cyber Range Solution is architected to integrate with learning content designed to educatestakeholders and operate Cyber Range exercises. The Cyber Range solution is highly-effective in allowing organizations the ability to segment malicious code and suspicious activity from traditional enterprise and production networks. The environment is designed in a right-sized delivery model to meet training volume, frequency, and complexity and is turnkey in its ability to leverage VMware partnerships to address elements of content, hardware, and managed services.

For more information related to VMware Cyber Range solution built on the Digital Learning Platform, please reach out to your VMware representation, follow us @VMwareGov on Twitter and check us out on VMware’s Industry Solutions Pages.



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