VMware Solutions & Innovations team introduces the Digital Learning Platform Hands-On Clinical Compliance Solution

Contributed by:
Cameron Groves, Senior Director, Industry Solutions and Innovations Teams, VMware
Greg Chait, Sr. Solutions Technical Program Manager, Industry Strategy & Innovations, VMware

Healthcare organizations today are experiencing the highest levels of cost in training their employees and stakeholders.  It is estimated in some instances that the cost of training an employee on one application is close to $25,000 per employee. These costs consist of the direct costs (training proper) and indirect costs (travel and expense), and often necessary in order to prepare clinicians and IT staff on the latest application versions existing in environments and compliance in directives and heal

thcare law.

What if there was a way to not just deliver the training remotely, but provide a live, simulated environment for employees to enrich their learning experience?

To overcome the aforementioned challenges of training/compliance in the healthcare market, VMware’s Solutions & Innovations team is introducing the Hands-On Clinical Compliance solution built on VMware’s Digital Learning PlatformTM.  The Hands-On Clinical Compliance Solution is developed as a turnkey solution designed with the outcome of meeting educational needs in the Healthcare sector, as well as, focus on saving organizations time and money.  This solution joins the previously launched solutions Cyber Range, Advanced Learning, and Correctional Education.

The Hands-On Clinical Compliance solution is designed for heal thcare organizations to:

  • Reduce costs within the healthcare market through remote delivery
  • Increase the speed-to-deliver educational content
  • Provide real-world experience and interaction with applications

The solution is primarily delivered in an off-premise model, however hybrid and on-premise options are available as well. It’s unified portal for management and education delivery features a series of key capabilities:

  • Content development through key industry partnerships to deliver a turn-key experience
  • Agile and flexible consumption model with training environments deployed at scale
  • Integration with existing investments made with Learning Management System
  • Secure training through pre-configured enclaves independent of production environments
  • Ability to achieve proper preparation of new/major upgrades to major software packages
  • Support training required for compliance in Healthcare directions, law, and information security

Hands-On Clinical Compliance is turnkey-designed through its consumption models.  For more information related to the Hands-On Clinical Compliance read the brochure, follow us on Twitter @VMwareHIT and check us out on VMware’s Industry Solutions Pages here.



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