VMware Reduces Recidivism with Correctional Educational Solution on Digital Learning Platform

Many Corrections Institutions and State/Local Governments are investing in inmate education to reduce recidivism. This presents a set of unique objectives and challenges with an opportunity to utilize technology platforms to increase opportunity, participation, and learning experience to inmates. The RAND Corporation shows that every dollar spent on education programs save between four and five dollars in re-incarceration costs. Investing in the programs and methods to educate inmates can save taxpayers millions of dollars.

To support the reduction in recidivism, VMware’s Solutions & Innovations team is introducing its Correctional Education solution built on VMware’s Digital Learning Platform. The Correctional Education Solution is developed as a turnkey outcome designed to meet the educational, technology, and information security needs in the Correctional Facility sector. This is accomplished through delivering content, applications, and simulated lab learning to students in a secure and streamlined manner. The Correctional Education Solution joins the previously released Cyber Range Solution and Advanced Learning Environment; and will be followed by our Hands-on Clinical Compliance use case solutions in September.

The Correctional Education Solution is designed for Correction’s Education organizations seeking the ability to overcome the common challenges of learning within their unique environment. This includes the complexity and constraints of correction facilities, speed-to-deliver educational content, and security of technologies and information.

The Correctional Education Solution is primarily delivered in an on-premise model (off-premises options exist) which best meets the functional and security requirements in the Corrections space. It is designed as a unified portal for management and education delivery and features a series of key capabilities:

  • Securing endpoints at scale
  • Securely delivering apps via portal or single-app mode
  • Customized content delivered only to authorized inmates
  • Quick provisioning and deprovisioning
  • Educational Content integration and delivery
  • Live simulated learning environments
  • Enhanced user experience

The Correctional Education Solution is turnkey in its ability to leverage VMware partnerships to address elements of content, software licensing, infrastructure, and managed services. For more information related to the Correctional Education Solution, the Digital Learning Platform, and the Solutions & Innovations team, please follow on Twitter @VMwareGOV and check us out on VMware’s Industry Solutions Pages.


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