Government’s journey toward digital transformation continues to make significant headway. The global adoption of mobile devices, social media, and cloud-native apps coupled with a shorter attention span and low tolerance for inefficiency has, for better or worse, shined a negative spotlight on government services.

This shift in expectations has forced agencies to reexamine service delivery models, mission capabilities, and operations. Agencies are beginning to widely embrace cloud-native and cloud-first ideologies as the tech platforms for transforming IT service delivery models.

One such model is software-as-a-service (SaaS). IT and lines of business are adopting SaaS solutions to counteract custom, on-premises legacy systems and deliver digital services to citizens and government employees at scale. There is no slowing down in this arena. SaaS and cloud vendors are now the stalwarts of secure, agile solution offerings rooted in cloud, and every industry–from retail and healthcare to financial services and government–is embracing COTS and, in effect, providing positive reinforcement to the software industry.

Ultimately, industries shift and transform by capitalizing on the technologies available at the time. Workforces shift, too. As more agencies leverage cloud and SaaS solutions, less budget and resources will be required to maintain data centers and legacy systems. This reality is fact, yet industries (including government) don’t have to scramble to keep workers around. Today’s best-of-breed commercial technologies free traditional IT staff to take on new roles such as project manager and focus on news areas of opportunity such as cybersecurity, governance, analytics, AI, and machine learning.

As the world turns and becomes impartial toward public cloud, agencies will eventually adopt a similar mindset, entrusting Silicon Valley and the private sector to deliver the secure, agile, and scalable digital services agencies need to evolve into the citizen-centric, employee-empowered digital service brokers of the future.