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Are Coffee and Banking the Next Peanut Butter and Jelly?

“It’s amazing, and it’s in Miami.”

That’s how my colleague began to describe her first Capital One Cafe experience experience over the holidays. “It’s a bank that’s a coffee shop. No, it’s a coffee shop that’s a bank!” she marveled.

I’ve written before about industry leaders’ shifting mindsets—from always on to always there.

What my colleague and her family experienced is a big step for banking, and it’s made possible by modern technologies, particularly those like the digital workspace that empower employees and consumers.

While enjoying a break and a beverage, anyone that pops in can ask a banking ambassador a question, transact using the self-service kiosks, or request one of the cozy side rooms for more sensitive conversations. As Capital One says on its site, “We made this space for you.”

With this new venture, Capital One aims to “reimagine banking” and relieve some of the stress associated with it by merging financial services into a low-key, coffee house setting. As we move through 2019, I predict we’ll see the influence of digital natives’ expectations for more personalized experiences continue to change every company and industry at an unprecedented pace.

And it may even be fast enough that coffee and banking become the next obvious pairing to the up-and-coming generation of consumers.


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