Highlights and Insights: VMware COO, IDC, Reflect on Hybrid Cloud in Government


Sanjay Poonen, COO, Customer Operations at VMware, recently published an article on outlining the need for secure hybrid cloud solutions in government:

“We live in a society where government often relies on technology to deliver constituent services at 21st century expectations. And the pace of innovation has driven government information technology (IT) to an efficiency threshold.

I love this quote because it succinctly reminds readers of the omnipresent necessity for government services—even in a modern society—yet underscores the need for governments to adapt to modern societal expectations for better ways of working and delivering services via new technologies.

No doubt cloud has a place in government IT, from increasing operational efficiency to offering the speed and flexibility necessary to respond to rapidly changing needs. Hybrid cloud in particular helps to operationalize some of the more advanced reasons for cloud such as shared services or IoT. When it comes to the former, services can be more easily, efficiently and securely shared across organizations while accommodating individual agencies’ customized applications and security requirements.

If a hybrid cloud environment is right for the organization, the selected public cloud solution should also be compatible with the technology and applications that already exist within the enterprise. Well-constructed hybrid cloud environments extend familiar on-premise applications and systems onto the public cloud architecture, without forcing an agency to re-architect infrastructure, rewrite applications, or fully retrain personnel.

These sentiments are also reflected in a recent analysis prepared by IDC in conjunction with VMware. Government IT Modernization and the Adoption of Hybrid Cloud synthesizes global survey data and opinions regarding hybrid cloud in federal and national governments.

Agencies view digitally transforming traditional data centers as a necessary stepping stone to move to hybrid or multi-cloud environments and seek consistent infrastructure environments across on-premise and public cloud platforms to ease migration, integration, and operation, including the use of familiar infrastructure management software and an integrated view of resources across private and public clouds.

IDC has identified four critical steps for hybrid cloud deployment success in government, including: centralized security processes and tools for governance, visibility, and control; consolidated management and operations; centralized provisioning and common service catalogues, and workload portability.

And like the Forbes article, the IDC report mentions the importance of hybrid cloud in facilitating next-generation government services and capabilities, from IoT and Big Data analysis to AI and open-source governance.

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