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StrategyPrioritizing Strategy

Having surgery slows you down. While I don’t appreciate the pain, I do welcome the opportunity forced downtime gives you to think. To really evaluate and focus. And in our crazy, fast-paced technology world, there’s something to be said for stepping back from the day-to-day long enough to be as thoughtful as possible about strategy and the future.

That’s why I like strategy planning meetings. A few sessions we had with IT leaders at Western Carolina University (WCU) come to mind. WCU was the first campus in the University of North Carolina system to require its students to bring a computer to school. The university needed a way to provide resources to each student, no matter what kind of device they brought or whether the student was on or off campus. Through careful planning, WCU met their goal of providing the same educational resources to remote students as those offered on campus.

Higher Ed Strategy And The Cloud

More recently, I’ve been in a number of meetings with campus leaders talking cloud adoption. Because cloud is a strategy, not a destination, I start every discussion by outlining the business challenges everyone expects cloud to help them solve—from reducing research and development costs to supporting globalized education initiatives by moving data closer to users.  As recently discussed, planning for cloud can and should start with the needs of your applications.

Only after understanding the why can we really start addressing the how. By way of example, I often share how Université Laval partnered with VMware to achieve its strategy of transforming into an IT service broker—offering its departments a cloud-based alternative to managing their own IT infrastructures as well as serving the extended community with a public cloud.

Let’s Talk

Getting to the right cloud model isn’t something that will or necessarily even should happen overnight. When you’re ready, I look forward to building a cloud strategy for your digital campus with you. Ready now? Get started.  Want more info? Check out Higher Education on

And in case you’re wondering, yep, my surgery went well, thanks.


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