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Connected Series: Digital Banking

In July of 1804, the architect of the American financial system, Alexander Hamilton, was fatally wounded in a duel. Yet his legacy lives on and many more know of it thanks to the Broadway smash-hit “Hamilton.”


Now the industry that evolved from the model Hamilton proposed, revolutionary at the time and relatively unchanged for more than 200 years, is experiencing unprecedented disruption.


New Architects of Change

Financial services’ period of great change extends boundaries and pushes technology to the forefront, introducing new ways of working, engaging, and transacting. Although centralized IT has traditionally taken the lead, now teams across global financial organizations are stepping up on their own to accelerate digital transformation to reap the benefits of increased revenue and efficiency, strengthened security, and advancing innovation.


Transformation Solutions for Financial Services

A recently released guide from the Dell Technologies family of companies looks at the problems, solutions, and real-world outcomes for institutions worldwide as it highlights the seven of the biggest areas of disruption in the financial services industry:

  • Modernizing core infrastructure
  • In-branch experience
  • Mobility
  • Human-machine partnerships
  • Cybersecurity
  • Open banking
  • Fintechs




Agility Powered by Innovation

The choice for today’s banks is clear: continue to react to disruption by pouring more resources into the same, legacy business models and infrastructure or refocus efforts on improving customer experience, adopting emerging technology, and embracing agility. Whether it’s end-user computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, or cybersecurity, the guide provides a useful index to in-depth reports, case studies, videos and research from across the business.

Read the topic book to learn more about transformative solutions for the financial industry.


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