Advance Mission Success: 6 Best Practices for Modernizing Government IT

We can solve it. It being the challenge nearly every government leader across the world is facing. It’s not governing. It’s not the environment. It’s legacy technology. Antiquated systems running old applications frustrate users, slow processes, and increase the chances sensitive information gets compromised.

A few months back, the US Federal government published its vision for transitioning from legacy to modern IT infrastructure in two documents cited often: the Cybersecurity Executive Order and the Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization, which focuses on improving the security posture and operations of Federal IT by moving toward a more agile, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure.


Similarly, defense agencies in the EU and UK prioritizing battlefield digitization as they transition to modern warfare have talked openly about the need to transform IT. They’re more interested than ever in multi-national operations that rapidly collect and disseminate information across coalition forces using modern infrastructure, networks, and mobile devices. Plus, they’re interested in new ways to drive agility and optimization across Command, Control, and Communication (C3) Systems.


From Core to Cloud to Edge

As a foundation for IT modernization for two decades, virtualization has helped agencies efficiently deal with increasing demand for IT services while reducing hardware, energy, and operational costs. Now accelerating agility, hyperconverged, virtual technologies—from compute to storage to networking—and hybrid clouds empowering government workers and constituents using the digital workspace are at the core of data center modernization. They’re transforming security, enabling the use of any cloud, and supporting the delivery of apps, data, and information—any time, on any device, wherever work needs to be done.


Digital Transformation in Government

For Federal, national, state, and local agencies advancing on their digital transformation journeys, we recently released an e-book examining the best practices government leaders embrace as they modernize IT with VMware as a trusted partner:


  1. Boost agility with a software-defined foundation
  2. Improve operational efficiency through IT automation
  3. Support application innovation
  4. Meet changing mission needs on demand
  5. Transform cybersecurity with a software layer
  6. Increase productivity through mobility


Partner Power

In addition to best practices, VMware has deeply integrated partnerships across government systems integrators and technology providers—including Dell, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and IBM—to help your agency securely and effectively accelerate IT modernization success.


Read the ebook to learn more about government IT modernization.




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