A sales associate checks a HP ElitePad in an HP Retail Case on the sales floor of a bike shop with bicycle accessories

Leveraging Mobility in Retail Part 1

Leveraging Mobility in Retail

In 2017 over 6,400 store locations closed, leading people to believe that Retail is Dead. Maybe not.

Les Viszlai, VMware Advisory Strategist, takes a deeper dive into an emerging area, “Leveraging Mobile in Retail,” and the impact to IT during this period of Retail natural selection.

He explores 5 items a business should consider when adopting data capture and mobile device management within their environment:

  1. Faster look-ups and check-outs via Mobile POS
  2. Mobile devices to improve customer service
  3. Improve communication and scheduling for internal Sales/Support Staff
  4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  5. Improve customer service

Les states, “Consumers tend to value the smart recommendations and guidance provided by knowledgeable sales staff in a physical store. However, the high turnover typical in Retail and in many other industries can make maintaining a well-informed staff a challenge. In fact, the lack of staff knowledge can actually drive a negative consumer experience (think of your own experiences). Retail organizations can minimize this creditability risk by providing staff with mobile devices. New hires and seasonal staff would have immediate access to detailed product information. Staff can then make relevant recommendations for products based on the consumer’s preferences and available options. In addition, sales staff can check if the product is within the store and/or other business locations without having to leave the consumer.”

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