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Tech for Good IS Happening in Industry

I saw it, and I felt it. The “it” I’m referring to was a silent, yet collective “yes” in the audience that later seeped into VMworld 2018 conversations. It was the response to Pat Gelsinger’s words, seemingly an admonition from VMware’s CEO to all of us in attendance:

“Tech as a force for good is not just our opportunity. 

It’s our obligation.”

Most of us want our work to be meaningful, so we look for ways to make it so. Delivering care everywhere, banking the unbanked, and learning without limits are all ways VMware customers continue to make meaningful, positive differences. It’s also one of the reasons I really enjoy being part of the Industry Solutions team.

But we have much to do and little time to do it.

In our work on the Industry Solutions team, we strive to think like our customers. To live in their worlds, see things from their perspectives, understand their business challenges more deeply, and react faster to unanticipated changes. We zero in on the solutions that matter most so we can quickly, and repeatedly, help them evolve legacy foundations to digital, transforming their organizations for the better.

We were privileged to have 22 customers partner with our Industry team this week to share their VMware journeys in Las Vegas. One after the next, they offered insights into using tech as a force for good.

Making care everywhere a reality, Mercy introduced the world’s first Virtual Care Center and a highly personalized vEngagement program on VMware digital infrastructure, discovering it cut hospital re-admits in half.

In support of limitless learning, the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative (OEI) has seen a 9% points improvement in course success since embarking on a collaborative education effort with learning and technology leaders—that’s 42,000 students!

Doorstep banking is bringing financial independence a world away as ICICI Bank in India furthers financial inclusion by registering 10,000 accounts per month using VMware solutions.

Protecting the most sensitive data from increasing threats in the world of cloud and mobility is keeping citizens, employees, and agencies safer in the City of Baltimore, the State of Minnesota, and both within SAIC headquarters and their customer environments.

Although technology can be architected to simply automate us into complacency, break human connections, and create greater disparities, those of us in tech — most certainly our customers — are not inclined to let it do so.

We do feel a responsibility for harnessing the opportunities that come from technology to improve engagement and collaboration. To promote sharing and expanding our horizons. To be the bridge that creates new opportunities as we look forward. To tell our stories about doing good. Yes, as Pat says, it’s an opportunity and obligation, but for many of us, it’s also a passion for wanting to reshape our work and our world.

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