Rethinking the Retail Experience: A Historic Retailer Becomes the Store of the Future

It is possible to take legacy traditions and values and enable them for the future. Just ask Brooks Brothers. Two centuries later, the family-owned business that opened in 1818, is delivering a superior experience—retaining its reputation as the premier clothing line in the U.S. and increasingly so worldwide by undergoing a network transformation that allowed it to become dynamic, responsive, efficient, and simplified.

Demand for More Bandwidth

Brooks Brothers retail stores required faster internet and business-application access with no downtime. Yet network infrastructure was costly and the lack of streamlined deployment processes and visibility placed a heavy burden on its small, in-house IT staff.

Requirements for an Innovative Solution
To remain competitive, Brooks Brothers made the strategic decision to migrate to an SD-WAN solution and evaluated offerings. Repeatedly and consistently, it found that VMware NSX® SD-WAN by VeloCloud™ was powering many of these solutions, and research showed it was easy to deploy, easy to manage, and simple, satisfying the goals Brooks Brothers had established for a new network infrastructure.

“With VeloCloud SD-WAN, we’re now able to extend the Brooks Brothers footprint to all geographies and allow all sites to have the same seamless network access

regardless of location and do so quickly and seamlessly.”

—Manny Stergakis, Technical Architect, Brooks Brothers

Successful Results

Today, NSX SD-WAN Dynamic Path Multipath Optimization allows for all Brooks Brothers retail locations to be transaction-ready at all times. High-bandwidth availability supports in-store online browsing, too. There is fast, efficient, and consistent onboarding of new retail locations and increased network performance and visibility with the solution.

To read more about how Brooks Brothers is using VMware by VeloCloud technology, read the case study.

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