Reinventing the Data Center Increases Healthcare Agility

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions broke records last year in the US and already this year, activity remains strong. Recent deals have included the creation of the second largest home health provider, the sale of six hospitals by CHS, and acquisitions by Ascension, according to RevCycle Intelligence.

Increasing consolidation has hospitals taking a closer look not only at how they deliver patient care at bedsides and clinics, but also how they run their businesses. Infrastructure at the heart of healthcare organizations is proving a differentiator in the era of digital transformation. By modernizing data centers, healthcare organizations can improve agility, streamline merger and acquisition integration activities, better control costs, and focus on patient care.

Baystate Health, for example, was seeking to transform into a modern healthcare center of tomorrow. It virtualized and seamlessly converged three data centers into one logical, software-defined data center based on VMware hyperconverged infrastructure and VMware NSX. The choice to modernize with less hardware and more software is saving Baystate Health approximately USD $3.5 million while boosting data security.

Why HCI?

Healthcare’s preferred approach to data center modernization—the model Baystate Health chose—is a building-block approach to key data center functionality with scale-out capabilities. It’s digital hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)—virtual compute, virtual storage and virtual networking, plus management—running not on hardware, but as software on the hypervisor, enabling efficient operations, streamlining and speeding provisioning, enhancing security, and supporting cost-effective growth.

Four Strategic Use Cases

Healthcare organizations are choosing HCI to drive agility and lower costs for critical

strategic initiatives:

  1. Digital Clinical Workspaces with virtual desktops
  2. Distributed IT delivery to remote points of care
  3. Disaster recovery
  4. Foundation for hybrid cloud

Digital Demands More of Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations’ ability to quickly adapt to changing business and patient care models is largely dependent on their data centers. Standardizing data center infrastructure through software increases agility and ensures a digital foundation for hybrid cloud that is flexible and extensible. Consistent infrastructure and operations also maximize existing tools and staff skill sets, increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs lowers costs, while ensuring support for new development frameworks and APIs that enable shared services.

Leading healthcare organizations are connecting, managing, automating, and securing digital infrastructure in modern data centers to reliably deliver the apps and experiences transforming healthcare. Yours can, too.

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