VMware Cloud on AWS Supports HIPAA Regulated Apps and Data for Healthcare Organizations

Summary: Research shows that healthcare is ready for the cloud. Now the cloud is truly ready for healthcare. Healthcare organizations can now sign a Business Associate Agreement with VMware and run HIPAA regulated workloads on this new hybrid cloud service

Cloud is becoming a critical element of healthcare modernization strategies. Recent CHIME and Becker’s Hospital Review focus groups revealed more than 63 percent of healthcare organizations have already adopted one or more clouds, citing economic and technical reasons for steadily increasing adoption. The move to replace on-premise infrastructure with cloud-based infrastructure is also supporting healthcare cost-efficiency goals by reducing data center footprints.

But, there has also been nervousness about the cloud, with security being one of the biggest concerns. Today’s announcement from VMware and AWS will provide a much-needed checkbox for healthcare organizations as they begin their journey to the cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS has now completed an independent third-party examination against applicable controls of HIPAA, and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is also available, clearing the way for workloads containing PHI to make their way into the hybrid cloud. The BAA was designed in conjunction with a leading law firm with expertise in HIPAA and provides fair and reasonable terms for healthcare providers, insurers, and other organizations. For more information, current or potential customers interested in the VMware Cloud on AWS HIPAA BAA should contact their VMware representative.

The business of healthcare is in a period of transformation; M&A activity surged in 2017 approaching all-time highs and industry leaders are adopting digital transformation in order to deliver improved patient engagement and outcomes. The ability to utilize the hybrid cloud, where the software and hardware are being managed by VMware and Amazon, offers a way for healthcare organizations to gain the flexibility and speed to respond to changing business needs, accelerate innovation and align costs to business requirement. It also eliminates the complexity of deploying infrastructure and day 2 operations.

Combining the best of VMware and AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers an operationally consistent and familiar way to run, manage and secure applications in a hybrid cloud and provides access to a broad range of innovative and comprehensive AWS services including robust disaster protection. Healthcare organizations can continue to use VMware tools to manage their VMware Cloud on AWS environments without having to retrain staff, purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating model.

Another exciting part of this announcement is that Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS is also available. I know that it’s early days for clinical desktops in the cloud, but as healthcare organizations seek to reduce complexity in their environments, and as an ever-increasing number of organizations move to hosted EMRs, the benefits of cloud-hosted desktops are certainly compelling. This offering allows healthcare organizations to begin rethinking their desktop approach by moving administrative and back off desktops to the cloud as a starting point.

So with a new tool in the toolbox, how can VMware Cloud on AWS help you to deliver improved patient care? Roll up your sleeves and start finding out in minutes with this VMware Cloud on AWS Hands-On Lab

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