Caring for sick children—especially those with serious medical issues—takes a special kind of sensitivity and engagement. Most children don’t want to be in the hospital, they’re often scared and bored, and they miss their friends and family. Anything a hospital can do to keep them entertained and positively engaged can have a real impact on their attitude and recovery. A new case study from Phoenix Children’s Hospital illustrates  how VMware AirWatch and GroundControl have developed a zero-touch mobile device management and provisioning solution for iPads that children use during their hospital stay.

This patient engagement solution allows children to stay in touch with friends, access their social networks and serves as an entertainment device while they are in the hospital. When a patient gets to their room, an iPad is waiting, personalized for the child’s age, language, and family preferences about what type of content and apps the child is allowed to access. With deep API links between GroundControl and AirWatch, PCH benefits from a fully integrated solution. PCH uses those APIs to integrate with Allscripts, its hosted electronic medical record (EMR) system. An admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) feed from Allscripts securely provides the information needed for AirWatch and GroundControl to automatically personalize an iPad for each patient.

When a patient is transferred, or discharged, their personal information is automatically wiped from the device, allowing patients the freedom to use their own accounts and passwords during their stay without worry.

To learn more about the technical integration of GroundControl and VMware AirWatch, read the Patient Engagement Design Guide for Healthcare. Together we are working to improve the overall patient experience as well as the cost, quality and delivery of patient care.