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Capital One and VMware: Bringing Ingenuity, Simplicity, and Humanity to Banking

Well known as the “What’s in Your Wallet?” company, Capital One is a financial holding company that offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses, and commercial clients through a variety of channels.

Yet Capital One sees itself as a technology company that also happens to be a bank, according to Jennifer Manry, Managing Vice President, End User Computing & Identity and Access Management. “We’re focused on delivering very rich, digital immersive experiences to consumers, anticipating what they need.”

Several years ago, Capital One began an extensive digital transformation journey to change the way it operated and delivered software to consumers. The transition included moving from Waterfall delivery to Agile and DevOps, hiring thousands of engineers, and outfitting employees with the end-user tools they needed to provide amazing customer experiences.

Capital One teamed with VMware to meet changing expectations in the workforce, enabling its workforce to securely interact with customers the same way they interact with friends and family outside of work. The organization supports a very heterogeneous device and app landscape.

Today, VMware AirWatch and Workspace ONE technologies are deployed at Capital One to provide a unified experience, so everyone has a great experience no matter what device they use and so Capital One can manage all of its end points consistently.

Hear from Manry about how with the help of VMware solutions, this financial digital transformation visionary has been able to achieve its end-user goals.


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