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How does mobility improve the delivery of patient care? How do road-warrior bankers and retail associates better serve customers? How can educators personalize learning? Industry subject-matter experts provided answers to these critical questions and more during the Industry Solutions Showcase at VMworld.

“Day in the life of…” immersive experiences provided real-world context for how VMware end-user computing and infrastructure solutions come together with partner products to solve key business challenges for financial services, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, and public sector organizations. And IT pros across industries interacting first-hand our demos weren’t shy about providing feedback:

Solutions Showcase Highlights

 Immersive experience highlights included showcasing

  • A banking road warrior successfully navigating work environments from home, to a branch, to meetings with clients externally using a Samsung DeX to securely access all of the apps and information required.
  • Retail endless aisle and gift registry capabilities, VR experiences & merchandising, as well as distribution management (pick & packing) using Google Glass & VMware AirWatch technologies.
  • Telco providers preparing for major industry innovations, including the opportunities that come with IoT and 5G technology.
  • A care provider—from the out-of-hours call to the patient bedside—using VMware technologies as the platform for innovation.
  • A government field worker interacting with a legacy ticketing application, high-performance 3D rendering with NVIDIA GRID, and the demonstration of virtual applications, desktops, and cloud-based applications simultaneously, side-by-side in a consumer-simple app catalog, which was also transferrable across devices and sessions in real time.
  • A student with 3 or 4 devices moving between their devices to access the educational content they need and literally pick up where they left off on their previous device.

 Describing and putting our solutions in context—at attendees’ fingertips—during new Industry Workshops, sessions, and the Industry Solutions Showcase was just the beginning. Let’s continue the conversation by talking about your specific industry business challenges—whether that’s increasing customer satisfaction, driving IT agility, or improving workforce productivity.



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