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Accelerating Financial Services Innovation and Agility with Developer-Ready Infrastructure from Pivotal and VMware

Large banks are relying on custom cloud-native “modern” applications to accelerate innovation and reduce time to market while increasing scalability and availability. And VMware is here to help.

Last week at VMworld, we announced a new partnership with Pivotal that enables development teams with the choice of frameworks, tooling and container infrastructure they need to succeed.

Pivotal and VMware are also enabling developers on the financial services front lines to accelerate business innovation and competitiveness through application and infrastructure transformation with a robust set of full stack capabilities.

Developer-Ready Infrastructure provides financial services organizations with secure, software-driven compute, storage, and networking as well as operational tooling optimized for containerized workloads and microservices. It reduces manual infrastructure processes and helps developers focus on building and delivering cloud-native banking applications.

Although development speed is top of mind, policy and security, too, remain critical to financial services organizations. James Watters, Pivotal’s SVP of Product says, retail banking is facing “multinational threats from malware and exfiltration” making the need for security policy higher than ever. With more and more fintech pressure around digital transformation, he also says “the need to compete in retail banking with digital is higher than ever.”

VMware and Pivotal can help financial organizations “realize the security, compliance, and agility benefits by baking a lot of it into the infrastructure and then tightly integrating that with the app platform, allowing customers to move very quickly yet still relying on great security and compliance controls,” explains VMware’s Kit Colbert, Cloud Platform VP and CTO.


Automation and Agility

Gartner predicts 75 percent of application development supporting digital business will be built, not bought by 2020. To enhance banking developer productivity, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and VMware cloud and virtual infrastructure technologies provide a layer of abstraction. With Developer-Ready Infrastructure, teams can securely build and deploy applications quickly, across global, multi-cloud environments, at lower cost.

Enabling Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) for Retail Banking

By empowering teams to deliver software faster and more often, Developer-Ready Infrastructure drives competitive advantage without compromising security. It provides a

  • Modern developer experience with everything needed to build great banking apps
  • Automates infrastructure—from compute to storage, network, and services—for developers
  • Offers a simple consumption model, so it’s easy for IT to deploy and operate

Allowing financial institutions 

  • To transition legacy apps to modern services by leveraging a stable, secure platform that supports mission-critical, traditional applications to coexist alongside new, cloud-native applications.
  • To maintain compliance and meet regulatory burdens by isolating applications from the underlying infrastructure and helping development teams get to work with minimal configuration and management time
  • To remain competitive and achieve ambitious business goals in a disruptive environment by enabling developers to leverage an agile, nimble platform that allows them to get products out to market faster

Watch the video or see the solution in action at the VMware Booth at Money 20/20, Las Vegas ( #853).


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