Retailers Get Hands-On with Digital Transformation Technologies at VMworld

Retailers Get Hands-On with Digital Transformation Technologies at VMworld

By Paige Handza

You’ve mastered visual displays. No other industry can touch retail when it comes to showcasing products and services to prospective buyers and existing customers. This year at VMworld, we followed your lead—both talking about our comprehensive retail solutions and showing the ways they can help modernize and mobilize retail environments.

Discussion in the Workshop

In our first-ever Retail Industry Workshop last Sunday, one attendee summed up the challenge facing nearly every retail IT leader in the room, when he said, “Although we’re organized into siloed teams, we’re expected to deliver on omni-channel projects.”

We hear about the many individual IT modernization projects underway, yet few comprehensive digital transformation strategies across entire organizations. IT leaders overseeing global brands attending the workshop explained their difficulties pulling teams, processes, and technologies together when so much is changing at once. They envision securely modernizing infrastructure in support of the newest IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mobile devices and are looking for IT partners with the experience to help.

During three hours of lively discussion, retail IT professionals across multinational, regional, and local companies, including Target, and Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores described how IT transformation was key to increasing customer engagement, associate productivity, and service delivery.

Workshop attendees were also first to hear more details about

  • Taking control of the edge with VMware Pulse – Retail adoption is up for this end-to-end infrastructure management solution that enables OT and IT organizations to onboard, manage, monitor and secure their IoT use cases.
  • The VMware and Google expanded partnership to enable enterprise-wide management of Chrome Devices – This will lead to more simplified, connected, and immersive retail experiences. Secure and consistent end-user access to all cloud, Web, native, virtual applications will help ensure associates can work productively from anywhere and your business is protected end-to-end with multi-layered security for the user, endpoint, app data, and network via a comprehensive model.


One company using Chromebooks in addition to PCs is Whirlpool. Mike Berendsen, vice president of information technology for Whirlpool, says, “We see Chromebooks as a part of our future because they simplify our environment. If you think of the hardware issues, costs, and support around PCs, we see Chromebooks as a good option.”


Interactive Demos at the Showcase

The afternoon Workshop was a perfect introduction to what retailers could then see in our first-ever Industry Solutions Showcase. A host of immersive, interactive demonstrations provided a chance for retail IT leaders to

  • Experience secure, endless aisle checkout from an iPad with a mPOS system and IPC mobile sled.
  • Discover how to increase pick & pack warehouse productivity with wearable Google Glasses, VMware AirWatch, and UPSkill
  • Check transaction and IT systems for compliance using a fixed POS system
  • See inventory levels across centrally managed rugged devices
  • Design a new store display using 3D Planogram on an iPad for consistent merchandizing but with the capabilities to localize store layouts to their geographical region

If you’re interested in retail digital transformation but weren’t able to join us at VMworld, learn more here.






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