Guest Blog by Amanda Saunders, Industry Marketing Manager for NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions.

As part of the marketing team, Amanda helps customers understand how they can leverage GPU accelerated virtual desktops and applications to transform the way they work. Prior to NVIDIA, Amanda worked with numerous cloud, networking, and desktop virtualization products to show the value that these solutions bring to the enterprise.

For many years virtual GPUs (vGPUs) have been seen as a niche solution, only needed with high-performance applications used by designers and engineers. Today there is a different story, with every industry adopting GPUs to drive great user experience for all of the users; from students to doctors, to bankers, federal employees, and more.

There are a number of reasons for this change, including increasing graphics requirements in modern applications and the need to prioritize VDI user experience for user adoption. Another factor has been the work NVIDIA and VMware have done to make sure that vGPU solution provides the performance, flexibility, manageability, and density that is required for widespread virtualization offerings.

At VMworld 2017, NVIDIA and VMware are teaming up to show off the latest features that have been introduced, as well as leading solutions for  industries like Healthcare, Government, and Education.

See these high performance solutions in action at the Industry Solutions Showcase Booth #1139


PACS Imaging on the Go:

Imagine you’re a cardiologist getting a call in the middle of the night about an emergency with one of your patients. Yo
u have to jump out of bed and race to the hospital to look at their scans and make a game plan. When every second counts it’s important to have the data needed for these decisions at your fingertips. This is where Cerner SkyVue, running on Horizon
and NVIDIA, can help.  SkyVue is a customizable cloud based viewer platform which enables organizations to view multimedia and non-diagnostic images side by side in any web browser. Giving doctors and nurses these images at their fingertips can help make life saving decisions faster while still keeping the patient data safe.


Borderless Learning:  

Universities are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technology needs of their students. These educational institutions want to offer new ways of learning and expand their reach, but the limitations of traditional brick and mortar infrastructure is holding them back. More and more universities are turning to accelerated virtual labs to modernize the way they deliver the technology that their students need. This approach gives students the flexibility they want while providing huge savings back to the institution from improved management and better use of their space on campus.


Secure Government Workflows:

National governments are constantly responding to cyber threats, security breaches, and data leakage—including civilian agencies, defense, and the intelligence community.  Esri ArcGIS Pro is the leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
application and plays a part in many functions from mission command, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), training area management and simulation. Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro users have access to their high performance, mission critical application anywhere while ensuring all the data remains secure in the data center.


There are so many opportunities to see why customers from every industry are adopting virtual GPUs. Be sure to stop by Industry Showcase to see how organizations are transforming user experience and bringing the benefits of graphics accelerated virtual desktops and applications to every user.


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