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Hello World! Welcome to VMware’s New Industry Blog

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It’s almost VMworld, and I can’t think of a more fitting time to launch our first-ever industry blog.

Every industry is being impacted by digital innovation. To keep up, you have to look at new business models and accommodate faster development cycles. You have to protect assets while making employees more productive and better satisfying customers, always keeping an eye on competitors. Now, no matter what industry you’re in—financial services, healthcare, government, education, retail, telecommunications, or manufacturing—it’s critical to find technologies that achieve revenue or mission goals while lowering risk.

It’s also increasingly important to have a trusted advisor making the journey with you.

“The disruptions caused by technologies at an industry level demand that technology and service providers apply an industry lens to succeed,” Gartner analyst Venecia K Liu wrote in January. That sentiment and input from many of our customers are why we’re introducing the VMware Industry Insights blog—and coming soon, additional vertical market blogs—highlighting best practices as you navigate industry-specific business challenges.

Similar, Yet Different

Customer engagement, IT agility, security, and compliance are all common business issues. But optimizing data center infrastructure and integrating public clouds are not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Nor is mobilizing employees, giving them access to apps and information—anytime, anywhere. That’s why over the last year, we’ve stepped up our commitment to increasing discussion about particular industry use cases and outcomes.

For the first time, we’ll be sharing common ideas here and more specific ones elsewhere.

For example, our Healthcare blog already offers real-world examples and commentary around improving the cost, quality, and delivery of patient care, mobilizing clinical care and patient engagement, and helping streamline security and compliance. Visitors to our existing Telco NFV blog similarly have a resource for best practices as they embrace network functions virtualization to accelerate service innovation and reduce costs.

Now other industries will get similar focus, for example

  • Our Financial Services Blog will help you to understand how to better drive top-line growth, become a digital bank, mobilize to improve customer service, and simplify front and back-office operations with common management across infrastructure, clouds, apps, and endpoints—all while ensuring security and compliance.
  • Our Education blog will examine how you can enable limitless learning, support any device, everywhere learning, virtual labs, online classes, and digital equality while protecting personally identifiable information and reducing costs.
  • Learning how to respond faster to the needs of constituents and missions while reducing IT capital and operating expenses will be the focus of our Government blog.
  • Our Retail blog will be all about creating exceptional experiences, helping retailers gain unprecedented freedom and flexibility in how to build and evolve IT environments, as well as understanding best practices for embracing BYOD/CYOD, endless aisle checkout, kiosks, and IoT to create better engagement between shoppers and associates.

We’re passionate about ensuring success, and together with our large partner ecosystem of cloud providers, software vendors, OEMs, and manufacturers, we continue to accelerate digital transformation one project at a time. We look forward to collaborating with you on your journey in our new industry blog forums.


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