Context Switching and Clinician Satisfaction


It’s almost become a cliché to talk about just how busy we all are these days.  Multi-tasking has taken a back seat to “hyper-tasking”.  Think about the amount of data we are not only being asked to consume but also take credible action on.   Business data is streaming in from our mobile devices, email, Internet, corporate applications not to mention our personal versions of these data streams.  Now think about when you have something really important to concentrate on.  An important email from your manager, your spouse or perhaps a patient?


Now think about the time and effort it takes to ready your mind to take on this new task.  To flush out what was being thought about or processed to the new task or process at hand.  In computer science we call this context switching.  Remember what you where working on, switch to the new task at hand and hope to return to the original process or tasks you were working on.  The context switch is an essential feature of a multitasking operating system and it also happens to describe the day in the life of a clinician.  A clinician has to constantly context switch hundreds if not thousands of times a day while at the same time provide unobstructed care to patients.


Together with Imprivata we are leveraging the power of our joint solutions to help clinicians become more efficient caregivers.  Enabling the desktop to become a better assistant in patient care and remove some of the “context switching” they need to perform everyday.   When we can let the underlying system (Cloud) assume some of the expensive and distracting context switching we enable caregivers to do what they do best.  Take care of Patients.


Please enjoy the following series of Blogs from Imprivata posted on our EUC Blog.



Frank Nydam

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