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Announcing the availability of the new and improved Workspace Portal Hands-On Lab.

Are you interesting in learning more about VMware Workspace Portal or are given the task to deploy Workspace Portal within your organization? Perhaps you are an existing Workspace customer now looking for information on how to update to latest version?

Look no further. The Workspace Portal 2.1 Hands-On Lab is designed for you. With its 9 modules it covers topics such as an overview of the product, how-to update from Workspace 1.8.2, how-to manage certificates, Clustering and much, much more..

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How to enable SSL in Horizon Application Manager 1.5

Here’s a detailed step by step guide on how to enable a Wildcard certificate in Horizon Application Manager 1.5.

There are many different ways you can accomplish this but this will get the job done..

How to enable SSL in Horizon Application Manager – wildcard v2