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Peter Bjork

About Peter Bjork

Peter Bjork is a Senior Staff Architect, Technical Marketing at VMware. He specializes in Identity and Access Management. He's widely appreciated as a speaker at events like VMworld, VMUG and vFORUM. He is the author of two books as well as numerous white papers and blog posts. When the work day is over, Peter volunteers as a Scout leader for the local Sea Scout troop outside Stockholm, Sweden. Twitter: @thepeb.

How to create a Windows 10 image for Horizon Cloud on Azure

Author: Felix Block, @fligh_MUC

Purpose of this article is to give you some best practices around cleaning a Windows 10 image to allow a Sysprep and the use of this image in Horizon Cloud on Azure. I faced a lot of problems when customer create a master image in Horizon Cloud on Azure due to AppX Packages in Windows 10. Very often the Sysprep failed and the VDI Assignment can’t be created. I collected below my tasks I personally do before sealing a Windows 10 to an Image.

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Have you locked yourself out from your VMware Identity Manager?

Playing around with Access Policies in VMware Identity Manager you can very easily lock yourself out.. Often you see a message similar to this one:

Luckily it is very easy to regain access. Simply type in /SAAS/login/0 at the end out your FQDN / Tenant address and you should be able to login using the System Domain and one of your local Admin accounts.

SSL certs in Horizon Cloud on Azure

A while ago I wrote about Certificates and how to convert between different encodings (https://blogs.vmware.com/horizontech/2018/08/vmware-identity-manager-and-certificates.html). While the post was mainly for VMware Identity Manager customers many of VMware’s products make use of the same certificate basics.

Felix Block, @fligh_MUC, is a colleague of mine and he pointed out a couple Horizon Cloud specific requirements when it comes to certificates.. So here’s his notes on the topic.

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VMware Identity Manager and Certificates

Are you struggling with uploading a new certificate to your VMware Identity Manager? Well, you are not alone.

But it isn’t that hard. You just need to know what the requirements are and then it is a matter of converting your existing certificate or building the chain correctly. In this blog post I’ll try to explain the process.

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VMware Unified Access Gateway – Helpful Links

In this blog post I will collect technical related links regarding VMware Unified Access Gateway. The idea is to keep this blog post alive and add more how-to / reference material as they become available.

Updated: 6 August 2018 (added links)

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Using VMware Identity Manager to transform users between Active Directory domains..

I get a lot of questions about how to solve Single Sign-On (SSO) of users between two Active Directories without trust. Using the federation protocol SAML and VMware Identity Manager this is easy to achieve.

In my example we have two Domains, A and B. Users in Domain A wants to access resources in Domain B without being prompted for username or password. Continue reading

VMware Identity Manager Network Ports

This post documents the Network Ports used by VMware Identity Manager. Most of the ports are only required when using specific features in VMware Identity Manager. Click on the pictures to get the original size.

The Ports listed are the defaults.

Updated 14 November 2018.

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VMware Identity Manager 2.8 – Office 365 User Provisioning and Federation

With VMware Identity Manager 2.8 we introduced support for User Provisioning in Office 365/Azure AD.. This blog post will walk you through the process of configure VMware Identity Manager to provide both Office 365 User Provisioning and Federation.

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VMware Identity Manager using Azure AD as 3rd party Identity Provider

VMware Identity Manager support integration with a wide range of third party Identity Providers such as ADFS, Ping Federate and many, many more. The integration is based on SAML.

This blog post will explain how to use Azure AD as a trusted Identity Provider (IdP) in VMware Identity Manager.

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Workspace Portal 2.1 HA cluster using internal database

This blog post explains how to setup Workspace Portal in a High Availability cluster using internal database. This blog post is based on the KB-article 2094258.


Creating a Workspace Portal cluster is very simple. You simply clone your first VM instance of the Workspace Portal and you have a cluster. It does require a load balancer and that the Workspace Portal’s Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is pointing to your load balancer.

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