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Dean Flaming

About Dean Flaming

Dean is currently an EUC Architect and member of the VMware End User Computing Enablement and Lighthouse Support teams, working to develop communications and IP around VMware End User Computing products and solutions as well as support many various Lighthouse accounts with their own EUC practices. Prior to this, from 2008 through 2012 Dean was one of VMware's End User Computing Specialists. Throughout his time at VMware, Dean has also written and published various articles, videos, and podcasts regarding VMware's EUC Solutions.

A Step-by-Step on How to Configure Cloud Pod Architecture in Horizon 6 with View

By Dean Flaming and Jim Yanik – VMware End User Computing Technical Enablement Team

One of the new functionalities of VMware Horizon 6 with View is the ability to handle Global Name Space support with the new Horizon 6 feature known as Cloud Pod Architecture. This ability allows for users of your View environment to easily handle connection to their virtual desktop using a single name no matter where they reside geographically.

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Hands On Lab: Introduction to VMware Horizon 6 with View

By Dean Flaming, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager – Technical Enablement, End-User Computing, VMware

On behalf of the many folks who helped make this happen, I am proud to announce the release of the Horizon 6 with View Introduction Hands On Lab! This lab is a guided tour of Horizon 6 with View specifically focusing on the new features.

Additional Info

This Horizon 6 with View lab is designed to demonstrate and introduce you to the new Horizon 6 features, starting with the ease of installation and configuration of View, RDS-hosted application setup and configuration, RDS-hosted desktop setup and configuration, and Cloud Pod Architecture configurations, including some scenarios.

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Configuring VMware Switch for Android with VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5

One of the new features in the VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 is the integration of Horizon Mobile. With this update, there also comes an option within the VMware Switch for Android application to utilize either the original VMware Horizon Mobile Management virtual appliance server or the new VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 vApp environment.

Here is how to setup the VMware Switch for Android with the new VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5.

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Enabling SSH in Horizon Workspace Virtual Appliances

Are you a fan of SSH vs. virtual console access? I am. I much prefer to access a Linux/Unix vApp via SSH than via the remote console as this allows me to use Terminal on my Mac vs. opening a remote session to a virtual Windows system to then run the vSphere Infrastructure Client (VIC). It’s a personal preference, I admit. But enabling SSH does allow for direct SCP access as well.

Here’s how to enable SSH for the Horizon vApps.

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Horizon Workspace Environment Prerequisites

With VMware Horizon Workspace, there are a couple of environmental prerequisites to be aware of which, without knowing about can cause some minor frustration during implementing of Horizon Workspace 1.0.

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Announcing the Horizon Workspace Reviewers Guide

As mentioned in other Blog posts around VMware.com, Horizon Workspace 1.0 is now released! For those wishing to walk through their own review and proof of concept, the Horizon Workspace Reviewers Guide by VMware’s own Rory Clements and Muthu Somasundaram goes into excellent detail on the items needed in your lab for installing Horizon Workspace 1.0 and getting it working properly with some of your existing applications and VMware Horizon View 5.2.

Horizon Mobile Steps for a Simple POC

I’ve been getting asked quite a bit around what steps should be taken for doing a simple Proof of Concept (POC) of Horizon Mobile so I figured I would take the time to write up a few steps, some tips, and references.

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Horizon Application Manager 1.5 File Locations

Where are those pesky log files and other locational information for troubleshooting Horizon? Well, thanks to Andrew Johnson for this information, we have it all listed below.

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How to Make ThinApp Factory Horizon-Enabled

Here’s a simple process for hooking your ThinApp Factory appliance into your Horizon environment.

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Connecting Horizon Mobile to an Active Directory Domain

A short and simple posting walking through the steps to quickly add the Horizon Mobile appliance to an Active Directory domain.

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