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Have you locked yourself out from your VMware Identity Manager?

Playing around with Access Policies in VMware Identity Manager you can very easily lock yourself out.. Often you see a message similar to this one:

Luckily it is very easy to regain access. Simply type in /SAAS/login/0 at the end out your FQDN / Tenant address and you should be able to login using the System Domain and one of your local Admin accounts.

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Peter Bjork

About Peter Bjork

Peter Bjork is a Senior Staff EUC Architect at VMware EUC Technical Marketing. Peter came to VMware with the acquisition of Thinstall. He is the author of the books “VMware ThinApp 4.7 Essentials” and "VMware Horizon Workspace Essentials". Peter lives in Sweden with his wife and two kids. You can follow Peter on Twitter: @thepeb

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