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VMware Unified Access Gateway – Helpful Links

In this blog post I will collect technical related links regarding VMware Unified Access Gateway. The idea is to keep this blog post alive and add more how-to / reference material as they become available.

Updated: 6 August 2018 (added links)

When you search Internet for information you may find references regarding VMware Access Point. This was the old name for VMware Unified Access Gateway.

Reference Links

Technical Introduction to VMware Access Point for Secure Remote Access

Unified Access Gateway Documentation

Using PowerShell to Deploy VMware Unified Access Gateway

DMZ Design for VMware Unified Access Gateway and the use of Multiple NICs

Load Balancing across VMware Unified Access Gateway Appliances

AirWatch Tunnel as an edge service on the VMware Unified Access Gateway

VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone, search for “unified access gateway” and you find tons of info..

How-to Links

Video: UAG RSA SecurID Setup

VMware Unified Access Gateway Technical Deep Dive (including 5 videos)

Third-party Guides

Kemp Load Balancing with Access Point

F5 Load Balancing VMware Unified Access Gateway

Rob Beekmans – Access Point PowerShell Guide

Rob Beekmans – Access Point Admin GUI Guide

Rob Beekmans – Access Point Safenet 2FA Guide

Carl Stalhood – VMware Horizon Unified Access Gateway Load Balancing – NetScaler 12

Justin Johnson – Troubleshooting Port Connectivity For Horizon’s Unified Access Gateway 3.2 Using Curl And Tcpdump

Justin Johnson – Using VMware’s Unified Access Gateway 3.3 and Content Locker To Provide Access To Onsite Data