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Configuring VMware Switch for Android with VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5

One of the new features in the VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 is the integration of Horizon Mobile. With this update, there also comes an option within the VMware Switch for Android application to utilize either the original VMware Horizon Mobile Management virtual appliance server or the new VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 vApp environment.

Here is how to setup the VMware Switch for Android with the new VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5.

NOTE: If you do not have a VMware-Ready Android phone, you will not be able to download or even see the VMware Switch for Android application within the Google Play store. Please contact your telco carrier and/or your phone manufacturer to request they support this update if you do not have it.

Configuring VMware Switch for Android Procedure:

  1. Assuming your Android phone has been updated to contain the VMware-Ready bits, then you should open the Google Play store application and search for the VMware Switch for Android application and install it.
  2. MBL Install Switch

  3. After installing the VMware Switch for Android application, it is recommended to reboot your phone. This will ensure all background services are running appropriately.
  4. MBL Reboot Phone

  5. From within the VMware Horizon Workspace 1.5 Administration console you must now entitle yourself to the Workspace and some Android applications.
  6. MBL Workspace Entitlement

    • Browse to your Horizon Workspace administrative login page and log in as a Horizon Workspace Administrator. Typically this is the Horizon Workspace FQDN/admin: for example, https://[myworkspace.vmwarehorizon.com]/admin.
    • Once logged in, select the CATALOG tab, then under Workspace Images and Mobile Applications, select the desired mobile workspace if more than one exists and any additional mobile applications (a default web browser, mail, contacts, and calendar application are built into the mobile workspace) and then enable the users and/or groups in question.
    • Optionally, you can also go to the User & Groups tab, select users, find the specific user (i.e. yourself) and then enable the Workspace and Mobile apps for the selected user.
  7. Once done with entitling a mobile workspace and any additional mobile applications, you are now ready to load the virtual workspace to the phone.
    NOTE: It is recommended to be attached to your wireless network for initial download of the mobile workspace and applications since this will be a decent amount of data to transfer.
  8. On your Android phone, launch the VMware Switch for Android application, commonly known as Switch.
  9. MBL Open Switch

  10. Ensure the switch beneath the server box is set to 1 and says “Connect to Horizon Workspace“, then type in the name of the Horizon Workspace 1.5 environment. When ready, tap the NEXT button.
    NOTE: This is where using a friendly name for the Workspace makes it easier for users.
  11. MBL Enter HWS Server

    SSL ERRORS: If you have any SSL Certificate issues when entering the Horizon Workspace fully qualified domain name (FQDN) (for example, you are using a private SSL certificate on your Horizon Workspace environment), then disable the SSL certificate validation within the VMware Horizon Switch for Android application with the following subprocedure. If you do not have any SSL issues, then skip this subprocedure and continue to Step 7.

    WARNING: By following the below subprocedure, VMware Switch for Android will no longer validate the server’s identity on initial and continued connections. It will however continue to communicate securely over SSL.

    • On your Android phone go to HOME by tapping the HOME button.
    • Open the phone settings by tapping the dynamic button to the left of Home on the front of your Android phone.
    • Select the option to manage your applications (typically the option is called Applications or similar).
    • Select the Downloaded or All Apps list.
    • Scroll down to the VMware Switch application and select it.
    • Tap the Manage Space button.
    • MBL Manage Space

    • Tap the Authenticate Server option to DESELECT it.
    • MBL Authenticate Server

    • Now tap the HOME button and then tap the SWITCH app to go back into VMware Switch and type your server name. You should not receive any SSL errors.
  12. Type the user name and tap NEXT, then type the password and tap NEXT.
    NOTE: You may need to wait a few seconds for a response while authentication is occurring.
  13. MBL Username

  14. You should now see the site logo and usage terms. Tap the NEXT button to continue.
  15. MBL Usage Terms

  16. Switch will now download the Mobile Workspace from Horizon Workspace.
    NOTE: This will take anywhere from a few minutes to more than ten minutes depending upon your data connection. Again, it is recommended you do this over a WiFi connection.
  17. MBL Workspace Download

  18. Your phone will switch back to the Home screen. Progress of the download and initialization processes may be monitored from the Android pull-down menu.
  19. MBL Downloading Workspace

  20. Once download and initialization are complete, you will receive a notification the VMware Switch virtual environment is ready. Your workspace may be selected from the pull-down menu or by tapping the Switch app.
  21. MBL Initializing Workspace

  22. Switch will walk you through the initial configuration and setup. Tap Continue on the welcome screen when ready and on each subsequent page.
  23. MBL Switch Welcome 1

  24. Upon completing the walkthrough of the welcome screens, you will be prompted for a password. This password is to secure the “virtual phone” or “virtual workspace” much like you probably have a pin or passcode to unlock your phone.
    NOTE: This password is controlled by administrative policies within Horizon Workspace. To access these, simply login as a Horizon Workspace administrator and select the POLICY tab to edit an existing policy or create a new policy.
  25. MBL Password Policy

    You will be prompted to type this password in twice for verification.

  26. After your password has been verified, you will be prompted to setup your email within the virtual workspace environment. Presumably this will be your work email address.
    NOTE: This email client supports both Exchange and Zimbra systems, but can also support other types of systems through manual configuration options.
  27. MBL Email

  28. Once your email is setup, you can tap the Home button on your phone to go to the virtual workspace Home screen.
  29. MBL Home

Some Things to Note:

Switch back: To switch back to your personal phone, use the same pull-down menu and tap the “VMware Switch: Touch for your personal phone” option or tap the Switch icon (by default, in the lower-right corner on the dock in the Switch environment).

Phone Calls: Phone calls in the personal will act as always, and will ring through and can be answered in the standard fashions. Placing a phone call from the virtual side will vary some, depending upon the regional telco carrier supporting the VMware-Ready phone. In some cases where dual-telephony (e.g. having two SIMs in one phone) is supported, the virtual workspace SIM may have a separate phone/phone number/data plan and therefore would dial out directly using the mobile line assigned to it. In regions where this isn’t supported by telcos, the virtual workspace can be defined by the user to either dial out through the personal phone number or to use a VoIP telephony application installed within the virtual workspace by Horizon Workspace administrators (provided the VoIP application is provisioned to the user in addition to the Horizon Mobile Workspace and default applications).

Notifications: Notifications for both environments (personal and virtual workspaces) will show in the Android drop-down menu. For the VMware Switch mobile virtual workspace, these will only occur while VMware Switch is running.

Starting and Stopping: The VMware Switch mobile virtual workspace will, by default, start up with the mobile phone is powered on. This may also be reconfigured by using the subprocedure above to get to the Manage Space options within Switch. Just look for the Auto-start Switch option and tap to deselect it.

To power off Switch, simply hold the power button down on your Android phone and in your power selections you will now also have an option to Power Off Switch. Tapping this will power down then mobile virtual workspace (i.e. close Switch) but leave your personal phone running.

Aside from customizing your virtual workspace environment some, you are now done, and your Horizon Mobile virtual workspace environment is ready to use!

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