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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Horizon Application Manager 1.5 File Locations

Where are those pesky log files and other locational information for troubleshooting Horizon? Well, thanks to Andrew Johnson for this information, we have it all listed below.

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How to Make ThinApp Factory Horizon-Enabled

Here’s a simple process for hooking your ThinApp Factory appliance into your Horizon environment.

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Connecting Horizon Mobile to an Active Directory Domain

A short and simple posting walking through the steps to quickly add the Horizon Mobile appliance to an Active Directory domain.

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Welcome to the Horizon Tech Blog!

Welcome to the Horizon Tech blog!

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ThinApp Icons Not Appearing in Horizon

Often times we hear how someone is trying to publish a ThinApp Package via Horizon and not getting an icon. Continue reading

Horizon ThinApp Packages Generating Prompt

Launching a ThinApp from Horizon Shows a Prompt for the First Time:

Do you or your users get an error “Do you want to allow this website to open a program on your computer?” prompt the first time they go to launch a ThinApp package in Horizon?

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