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New Labs and New Languages

Today we have added seven labs created by VMware Partners. These labs demonstrate the strong VMware partner ecosystem and the variety of solutions that are available. We also are highlighting our localized lab manuals in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Spanish. Some of our most popular labs are available, localized into these languages to better serve the global audience for Hands-on Labs.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to change your preferred language in the Hands-on Labs Online portal.

Partner Labs

HOL-PRT-1301 – NetApp Virtual Storage Console

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You will take a guided tour of the NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and see how VMware and NetApp solutions work together to simplify storage management.

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HOL-PRT-1302 – IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments is simplified data protection for virtual machines. You will use Tivoli Storage Manager to provide scheduled protection and simplified recovery of mission-critical virtual machine data.

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HOL-PRT-1303 – EMC – Using Puppet and the vSphere Web Client

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Connect your infrastructure components to the VMware vCloud Suite using EMC infrastructure. Leverage vCenter Orchestrator, EMC ViPR, Avamar, and Puppet Open Source from Puppet Labs.

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HOL-PRT-1304 – Infoblox – Automate with vCAC and the vCO IPAM plug-in

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IP address management (IPAM) can be a challenge in today’s data centers. See how the Infoblox vCenter Orchestrator IPAM plug-in works with with vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), vCenter Server and vCloud Director to provision virtual machines.

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HOL-PRT-1305 – Cisco Nexus 1000V – Enhanced VXLAN Networking in vCloud Director

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Leverage the Cisco Nexus 1000v to deliver enhanced VXLAN networking in vCloud Director deployments.

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HOL-PRT-1306 – Catbird-Hytrust-LogRhythm – Partner Security and Compliance

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Achieve Higher Consolidation Ratios Without Increased Risk by Leveraging VMware and Partner Technologies for Security and Compliance.

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HOL-PRT-1307 – Puppet Labs – Automate vSphere Provisioning and Management

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Puppet Enterprise enables IT teams to automate VM lifecycle management and scale services quickly, reliably, and efficiently. You will walk through common configuration steps and automate repetitive tasks.

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The VMware NSX Labs are now Available in the HOL Online Portal

The wait is over. The VMware NSX for vSphere Lab (HOL-SDC-1303) has arrived. You consumed over 2,000 sessions of this lab, totaling 124,000 lab minutes during the four days of VMworld. That is roughly equivalent to locking yourself in a room with your laptop and doing nothing but take this lab 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for three months straight. Creepy . . . 🙂

We are bringing additional NSX content to the online portal as well as the remaining labs in the Mobility catalog. This is a big day of HOL goodness! Enjoy.

Remember to participate in the HOL Community page at http://hol.vmware.com/, take labs at http://labs.hol.vmware.com/ and tweet us @VMwareHOL.

VMware NSX Labs

HOL-SDC-1303 – VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform

A Tech Preview of the exciting new VMware NSX for vSphere product announced at VMworld. Learn how VMware NSX virtualizes your network and simplifies your datacenter. This lab is currently based on a beta version of code and you may encounter some user interface issues during the lab exercises. The lab will be improved with newer code as the product moves closer to release. For now, brave the rapids, jump in with both feet and have a go at at VMware NSX, the premier solution for Network Virtualization.

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HOL-SDC-1319 – VMware NSX for Multi-Hypervisor Environments

Also a Tech Preview, this lab focuses on the multi-hypervisor version of VMware NSX. This is a great opportunity to see how NSX can help, even with the non-vSphere portions of your datacenter.

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HOL-MBL-1301-UC – Horizon View Use Cases

VMware Horizon View is changing the way desktop computing is delivered. These use cases, drawn from real-world experience, clearly demonstrate the inherent value within the Horizon View solution. If you are curious as to what ways Horizon View is actually used today, this lab provides excellent examples.

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HOL-MBL-1304 – Horizon Workspace – Explore and Deploy

Hours of new content have been added to this refresh of the successful 2012 Horizon Workspace lab. This is a phenomenal opportunity to experience Horizon Workspace for the first time. Log in and try it out!

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HOL-MBL-1309 – HORIZON MIRAGE – Manage Physical Desktops

Layers and image management are at the heart of the VMware Horizon Mirage desktop management software. This lab will get you acquainted with this powerful solution in just a few minutes.

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HOL-MBL-1311 – Applied ThinApp with the Horizon Suite

Also a Tech Preview, this lab focuses on the multi-hypervisor version of VMware NSX. This is a great opportunity to see how NSX can help, even with the non-vSphere portions of your datacenter.

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