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HOL 3-Tier Application – Updates for PhotonOS 3


This article contains the updates required to create our 3-Tier demonstration app on PhotonOS 3 rather than v1.0 that was described in the original series from 2017. If you are not familiar with the intent of the original pose, the idea is to have a distributed but simple “application” that can be used to demonstrate Read more...

Optimize Your Cloud Operations – more labs available


vSphere with Operations Management is a hot commodity right now. The Hands-on Labs are no exception. For our second group of VMworld 2013 labs to be released, we highlight vSphere 5.5, vSOM, vCenter Operations Manager, vCenter Log Insight and the IT Business Management Suite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiHE87NnvUI HOL-SDC-1301 – Applied Cloud Operations Awesome possibilities await in the Read more...

Choosing Your Hands-on Labs Adventure


The doors are open to our new VMworld 2013 Hands-on Labs experience! To make sure that you can find the content that you are looking for, I would like to point you to some useful resources. There are 31 lab topics that make your content easy to find. Each lab topic has multiple modules and anywhere Read more...