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More VMworld 2014 Hands-on Labs – IT Outcomes

it-outcomes-infographic-smallThings just don’t slow down here in the Hands-on Labs. We are in the middle of lab development for VMworld Europe but want to get your hands on the new content from VMworld 2014 US as soon as we can. After publishing the initial set yesterday, we are releasing 5 more new SDDC labs that showcase some of the high-value IT Outcomes that your organization can achieve with VMware software.

Four of these new labs replace similar labs in the current catalog with updated software and content. The lab development teams have done another fantastic job and these new labs are definitely worth a look. As we replace the 2013 labs, they are moved to the HOL Archives catalog and slated for retirement in December. I have called out the replaced labs here so that you can see what is new and what will be retiring.

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VMworld 2014 Hands-on Labs (Set #1) Published

VMware Hands-on Labs at VMworld 2014 US marked a number of firsts:

  • Over 10,000 labs were taken
  • Over 100,000 VMs were used for labs during the week
  • VSAN and EVO:RACK were used to host a portion of the infrastructure
  • vCloud Air and Horizon 6 were in the top 5 labs

I am pleased to announce that we have begun to make available the VMware Hands-on Labs that debuted at VMworld 2014 in the US.  Feel free to take these labs now:

HOL-SDC-1406 vCloud Suite 101

HOL-SDC-1406 This introductory lab demonstrates the first steps in the journey to a Software Defined Enterprise by implementing all components of vCloud Suite Standard.

HOL-SDC-1410 – Virtualization 101

HOL-SDC-1410 This introductory lab demonstrates the core features and functions of vSphere and vCenter. This is an excellent place to begin your experience with VMware vSphere.

HOL-MBL-1451 – Horizon 6 with View from A to Z

HOL-MBL-1451 Complete a guided tour of Horizon View features, learn how to Optimize Horizon View for your environment and learn steps to Troubleshoot a View environment and avoid common issues.

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Announcing VMware Hands-on Labs BackStage Pass Webinars

Webinar Series VMware Hands-on Labs Backstage Pass

Join our Webinar Series VMware Hands-on Labs Backstage Pass


We are announcing the VMware Hands-on Labs Backstage Pass Webinars Series.  These sessions are for Administrators, Architects and IT Managers running VMware environments of any size. Our talks are easygoing , focus on technology and provide tips and tricks to help make your life easier.

The VMware Hands-on Labs Backstage Pass Webinars Series will run the first Wednesday of the month 9:00 AM PDT. All sessions will be recorded and posted on our Hands-on Labs blog if you cannot attend session. Please join us as these are a great opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and learn how we use our products to run the VMware Hands-on Labs service.

VMware Hands-on Labs Backstage Pass – Webinar Schedule / Abstracts

March 25, 2014

Session #1  VMware vSphere Operations Management 101 – Online Workshop
In our vSphere with Operations Management 101 online workshop, you will learn first-hand how vCenter Operations Manager can help you manage your vSphere environments. We will walk you through the steps to access the live vCenter Operations labs.  Using the Hands-on Labs online portal you will be able try vCenter Operations Manager and chat with our VMware experts who use this product to monitor the Hands-on Labs infrastructure. Attend this online workshop to see how vCenter Operations Manager provides comprehensive visibility into the health and performance of your vSphere environments, helps you improve the efficiency of your virtual infrastructure, increase your consolidation ratios, and how it provides capacity management with “what if” planning capabilities.

This online workshop is targeted at customers who are running vSphere and who are new to vSphere with Operations Management. Registration is closed thanks for your interest.

April 2, 2014

Session #2Backstage with VMware Hands-on Labs – vPod and Data Sync

In this Session Bill Call and Doug Baer will walk you through an overview of the Hands-on Labs infrastructure, design considerations when creating our vApps (vPods) and how we move them across multiple datacenters around the world.

This technical session is for architects, and administrators running datacenters. The content level is intermediate to advanced. Please plan to attend and be prepared to ask questions at the end of the talk.  We also encourage you to start thinking about joining us for VMworld 2014 in San Francisco or Barcelona and visiting us in the Hands-on Labs room. 30 minute talk /presentation with plenty of room for questions and answers.

Backstage with Bill Call and Doug “Trevor”

PDF and MP3 Recording

May 7th 2014

Session #3Backstage with VMware Hands-on Labs Performance Testing Tuning Hands-on Labs Architecture with @jpschnee and Joeyd.

This session will discuss how we tested and tuned our Datacenters for optimal performance. Josh will discuss the tools he used to test our multiple clouds and Joey will go into details on the infrastructure we have deployed and our planning for VMworld. This is a great session for folks getting ready to roll out their Clouds and a great opportunity to ask questions.

Recording and PDF

Session #4 Backstage with VMware Hands-on Labs Project NEE & OneCloud – Delivering Hand-On Labs at Cloud Scale
Wednesday June 4th 2014
Time: 9:00 AM PDT
Length: 60 minutes
We have had tons of requests for more information on Project NEE and more details on how we run and operation our Hands-on Labs Infrastructure. In this session we will have the guys from the ProjectNEE team and OneCloud walk us through the architecture and go into details on how we manage our infrastructure.
The first part of this session we will cover details on Project NEE. The second part of the session will go into OneCloud – our internal Cloud infrastructure service. The OneCloud team will discuss how they use the vCloud Suite – vCenter Operations Manager, vCenter Log Insight and various tools.  This is a great session for folks interested in learning how we run and operated our infrastructure.
– What is ProjectNee
– What is OneCloud
– Solving the Delivery Problem
– Operating Cloud at Scale
– Questions and answers
This meeting will be recording for folks that cannot attend.

Hands-on Labs: Where are the Installation Labs?

Our goal is to build labs that are useful to you, our customer. To be honest, our secret evil plan is to get you to buy our products… but don’t tell anyone. Now, it would be really nice if we could put everything you might need into each lab and allow you to do anything you want inside the environment. Unfortunately, there are some limits to what we can offer while continuing to provide a consistent and positive experience.

As an example of one of these limitations, we do not currently offer installation labs via our online portal or at VMworld. These are labs that would contain the installation media and bare infrastructure components. We receive several requests for this kind of thing via our surveys, and I wanted to address these with a little behind-the-scenes information. Part of the challenge is that these kinds labs create a lot of stress on the back end that causes everything to slow down.

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Exploring Hands on Labs Portal: New Features


Just wanted to list out some of the very cool new features that the guys have been adding over the last few weeks.

Feature Name: SPEED-TEST (Experimental Mode)

This is got to be one of my favorite debugging self serve tools the guys are working on. I like it because it gives the user a way to determine how things are going relative to where they are taking a lab. We are still working the kinks out in this feature so please keep the feedback coming. You will need to log into your account, once you are in go to: https://www.projectnee.com/speed-test

Please remember in order to ensure you have a great lab experience you will need to have the following:

– 300 – 500 kb dedicated bandwidth connection per client

– Better than 200ms latency – pretty typical of most web applications now days.

We are looking to expand our datacenter footprint across the globe in the near future but for now we are serving labs out of North America (Washington)

Feature Name: “THE J TIMER”

This just came out and I have to say it is very fun to watch the clocks run as your lab gets provisioned. We use this feature to determine how things are going and to help our users get a sense of how much time it takes to build a lab in HOL. As a rule of thumb our labs will load roughly between 3 – 5 minutes if all things are going well. If you think about it, that is pretty amazing considering what is going on under the covers. The application is actually building a new vAPP with a fully provisioned vSphere / Cloud Infrastructure for you to explore. You can imagine how much fun our guys have when we compete with each others data centers  (we have multiple test data centers) Will tell you the story behind the name when we see you at VMworld 😉



Feature Name:  “Console Refresh”

You will find this feature once you start the lab, it works the same way a browser refresh button would work – If things are going wonky you can try hitting the refresh button and the console will come back – hopefully in a better state.


Feature Name:“Split My Screen”

Description: This feature lends itself more to when we are hosting labs at an event, this will allow a user to have two monitors; one for the display, the other for the lab manuals. The guys even created an option that lets you use your tablet to read the manual as you take the lab…