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Odyssey into Asia Pacific vForums – Week 1


Straight after VMworld Barcelona, the excitement of Odyssey continued at the vForums in APAC (Asia Pacific).

What are vForums?

VMware vForum’s are smaller sized replications of VMworld that are held in major cities around the world. At vForums, attendees can meet face to face with VMware product experts and learn more about navigating through digital transformation.

vForum Tokyo 2019 (November 11th – 13th)

The first stop on the journey was Tokyo where VMware Odyssey was center stage at the solutions exchange. The venue was filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  In total, there were 46 customers and partners, forming 16 teams of 2-3 people. The tournament format took place across two days between November 12th and 13th.

Day 1: Round 1 and Round 2  

Day 1 of the tournament began on November 12th with a total of 16 teams participating in Round 1 and Round 2. They were tested on vSAN and vSphere. Within the teams, there was a great amount of teamwork as participants worked together to complete the required tasks.

In addition to the tournament, attendees at the event could play as a single-player and take the vSphere Performance Odyssey lab. The top 3 people on the leader got a chance to win prizes. Congratulations to the winners!

Day 2: Semi-final and Final

On Day 2, the semi-final and final round tested all participants on their knowledge of Horizon and NSX-T. The players screen was mirrored on larger displays above each station. There was a lot of interaction with the audience as they cheered for their favorite teams and friends.

Congratulations to the vForum Tokyo 2019 Odyssey Champions: the Galaxies! With an impressive time of 10:46, betting the VMworld US record by 4 minutes and 16 seconds.

Want to learn more? Watch the interview video with the winning team



vForum Singapore 2019 (Nov 14th.)

Next stop on the journey was Singapore.

The excitement continued in Singapore with 16 teams competing to become champion. Starting in 2018, Singapore is the first country that hosted a Hands-on Labs tournament of which grew into Odyssey. For those who would like to trace back to the epoch of this journey please read this blog post. 

The Singapore team took their 2019 tournament to another level by adding a special round for female participants called ‘Voyagers of Venus’. In tandem with VMware’s diversity and inclusion initiative, during this round female participants in each team were given a chance to compete and gain an advantage that could help them advance to the next round.

And here are the proud winners of Odyssey at vForum Singapore. Team Flying Saucers of Singapore!



vForum Sydney 2019 (Nov 19th)

Last on the list is vForum Sydney – where VMware customers had a chance to play single player game mode of Odyssey. Participants could register on-site to take part in the race to the top of the event leaderboard. Here’s a customer that was the first to take part in the game:

Congratulations and thank you to all the participants!

Tune in again next week for a recap of Week 2 at APJ vForums: Seoul, Mumbai, Sydney and Beijing.

All the Odyssey lab content has been released online. Try the Odyssey labs now: https://www.vmware.com/try-vmware/try-vmware-odyssey-labs.html

The (VMware) Odyssey Continues – all the way to Barcelona, Spain

This past November, we successfully launched our second VMware Odyssey Tournament, sponsored by Intel. Similar to VMworld 2019 US, we offered this new program in three different modes:

  1. Game Mode: Individual VMworld attendees could drop by the stage and take one of three Odyssey labs during non-competition hours. For game mode, we partnered with the VMware Security team to create a series of Odyssey games that tested your knowledge of VMware Security through blocking a data breach.
  2. Tournament Mode: 24 teams compromised of our customers and partners came together and went head-to-head to compete for the grand prize Odyssey winning title. We expanded our product offerings at the Europe show to include Horizon, vRealize Automation, and more.
  3. Self-Paced Mode: VMworld attendees were also able to take our Odyssey labs in the Self-Paced Labs section of the HOL area. Anyone who was not able to sign up for the tournament could test their knowledge of the VMware portfolio with our Odyssey labs at their own pace.

VMworld 2019 EU Tournament Format: 

Before kicking off Round 1 of the World Cup Style VMware Odyssey 3-Day Tournament, we added a special round for our technical bloggers. Without any prior knowledge or practice, they were tested on vSphere! Here are some posts around the competition:

Next – The Tournament Begins: All 24 teams participated in Round 1 and Round 2. They were tested on vSAN and vSphere. Crowds formed as the participants focused on completing the given tasks as quickly as possible.  After both rounds were complete, we totaled their scores and selected the top 12 teams to continue into the semi-final rounds.


In between tournament rounds, the teams studied up on our products by taking our labs in the Hands-on Lab area. The semi-final and final round tested all participants on their knowledge of Horizon and vRealize Automation.

And finally, we had a winner! Congratulations to the VMworld 2019 EU Odyssey Champions: the Meteors! With a very impressive time of 10:36, they finished our (very challenging) vRealize Automation Odyssey lab first.

Thank You! We want to thank all the participants, our entire team, and our sponsor Intel. Without all of you, this would not be possible! The VMware Odyssey program at VMworld 2019 Europe was a HUGE success. We hope to see many of you again next year.

What’s Next: The Odyssey team has been working tirelessly to grow and scale the person in-person and online. We are expanding to have a presence at many different VMware in-person events in 2020 as well as online. J

Stay in the loop on all things Odyssey:

Ready to test your skills of the VMware Portfolio? Take our Odyssey labs now: https://www.vmware.com/try-vmware/try-vmware-odyssey-labs.html