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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Year End 2017

With 2017 drawing to a close, it is time for our annual maintenance: retiring labs that were released at VMworld in 2016, refreshing some of our content for spring, and preparing for VMworld 2018.

If you notice that your favorite HOL-17## lab is no longer with us, please look for the shiny new HOL-18## version. We try to keep the ## the same as we transition between years. You can browse the catalogs here.

Thank you!

The Hands-on Labs core team wants to give a big THANK YOU to our massive team of volunteers who create the content. We could not do this without you! A special shout out to the captains and principals who own the content and ensure that it remains functional throughout the year.

Also, thank you to our users, nearly 370,000 of you. Whether you take our labs online, at events like VMUGs, vForums, SociaLabsVMworlds, or a combination, we appreciate your support.  New web browser updates have been keeping us on our toes, so please keep sending in the feedback and letting us know how things are going.

Happy Holidays!

-The VMware Hands-on Labs Team

VMware Hands-on Labs Live Stats – Fun way to track usage statistics – Official Link

Hello Friends of Hands-on Labs, 

We wanted to share with you some background on Hands-on Labs Live stats and would love some feedback on what else you would like to see.  The project was inspired by the VMworld Jumbo Tron Display – our large screen displaying stats during the show. We wanted to make this available for all our users so they can check on their favorite labs and check to see some stats on our infrastructure usage.  A huge thanks to Andrew Hald and team for putting this creation together for us.

Official Live Stats Link: http://go.hol.vmware.com/live-stats/?eventName=hol-global (As of September 27, 2017)

Some of my favorite features:

One application for many devices: The app was designed to work for our massive overhead projectors at VMworld as well as your favorite mobile devices. This is pure CSS black magic, the app can auto rotate or you can stop it to check on your favorite stats.

Reporting on stats during multiple events. We run HOLs at many events during the year and this year was pretty complex as we had many fall at the exact same times across the globe. As you can imagine creating usage reports gets complicated.

Here are some exaymples of the cities we used LiveStats on

vForum Tokyo: http://go.hol.vmware.com/live-stats/?eventName=vforum-tokyo

vForum Singapore: http://go.hol.vmware.com/live-stats/?eventName=vforum-singapore  (Nov14)

vForum Thailand: http://go.hol.vmware.com/live-stats/?eventName=vforum-bangkok (Nov14th)

Users around the Globe:  I enjoy this feature as it is fun to see where the labs are taken around the world.

Top Labs: It seems like most of the content developers are concerned with this feature as they like to compete against each other.

Please send us your feedback ! This is our first iteration of LiveStats and hope its useful for you – we can only improve on it if you send us your feedback. We would love to hear from you!