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Monthly Archives: February 2015

New Partner Labs Released!

As we finalize the last of the labs to be released to the Hands-on Lab’s Online portal, I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge all the hard work and dedication from our Partners that went into creating these labs.   If you are not familiar with our Partner labs, they are created by VMware Partner to showcase their solutions and how they integrate with VMware.  I encourage you to take one of these labs today!

There is a lot of work involved in creating these labs and would not have been successful without the guidance of Jon Schulz (@njonschulz) and David D’Entremont (@daviddentremont).   They acted as a liaison between the Partners creating the labs and the VMware Hands-on Labs Core team.  They were instrumental in making these labs a success.

This is the complete list of Partner Labs that were released to the Hands-on Labs Online portal and are available for you to take:



HOL-PRT-1461 – Policy Based Storage Management with EMC ViPR and VMware Integrations – This lab gives hands-on experience on how EMC ViPR with VMware integrations can deliver Policy Based Storage Management which decrease steps in provisioning and managing storage.


palo alto

HOL-PRT-1462 – Virtualized Data Center Security: VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Virtual Firewall – In this lab, learn how to configure the Palo Alto Networks virtualized next-generation firewall VM-1000-HV with VMware NSX to protect VM to VM communications from todays advanced threats.


blue medora

HOL-PRT-1463 – vCenter Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager – Learn how to get the most out of your data contained in Oracle Enterprise Manager using vCenter Operations Manager.


symantecHOL-PRT-1464 – Secure your SDDC built on VMware NSX & vSphere with Symantec Data Center Security: Server – Symantec Data Center Security: Server leverages NSX Service Composer and Security Groups to automate orchestration and provisioning of security policies for virtual workloads running on vSphere.


atlantisHOL-PRT-1465 – Atlantis USX Data Services and VSAN: Software-defined Storage Infrastructure for Tier-1 Apps – Get hands-on experience with Atlantis USX: Deliver dramatically higher-performance for your production workloads, VDI, and tier 1 apps at a fraction of the capacity and cost.



HOL-PRT-1466 – Bridge the gap between Virtualization and IT Service Management – This lab walks through the usage of BMC Remedy ITSM and BMC Atrium CMDB plugins for vCenter Orchestrator.




HOL-PRT-1467 – Virtual Volume with Dell EqualLogic – In this lab, you will learn more about Virtual Volumes and how they integrate with Dell EqualLogic Storage.



HOL-PRT-1468 – Automating your cloud with vCloud Automation Center 6.0 and the Infoblox vCO IPAM Plug-in – This Lab shows you how to automate IP Address assignment and DNS registration so that this critical process does not slow the deployment of your Cloud.




HOL-PRT-1469 – Puppet Labs – Automating Your Virtual Datacenter with Puppet Enterprise – Puppet Enterprise enables IT teams to automate VM lifecycle management and scale services quickly, reliably, and efficiently.





HOL-PRT-1470 – Deploy HP Software-Defined Storage with OneView for vCenter, Troubleshoot performance with HP StoreFront Analytics for vCOps.





HOL-PRT-1471 – NetApp VSC and VASA for Clustered Data ONTAP – Policy-Based Mgmt & VVOLs Tech Preview – This lab will focus on highlighting the latest innovations for storage provisioning and management from NetApp.




HOL-PRT-1472 – Juniper Virtual Security for the Enterprise and Service Provider Environment – This lab will show you how to secure and operate a software defined datacenter with Juniper’s virtual security capabilities for your Enterprise or Service Provider environment.


If you are a Partner and have an idea for a Hands-on Lab based on your solution, you can submit that idea to the Hands-on Labs Idea Registry:


These ideas will parsed by our team and presented to the appropriate Business Unit as we review this year’s plan for labs.

That’s all for now and it’s time to start working on the next cycle of labs for you to enjoy!

These New Labs are Awesome!

Everything is awesome with the release of today’s new labs!   Like Legos, we’ve pieced together a collection of Mobility, Networking, Operations and Automation labs to make a great set.


HOL-SDC-1401 – Cloud Management with vRealize Operations – The lab has been updated to include content from all aspects of the vRealize Operations Suite including vRealize Operations, vRealize Configuration Manager, vRealize Infrastructure Navigator and the NSX Management Pack.

HOL-SDC-1402 – vSphere Distributed Switch from A to Z – With lab, you will learn the basics and advanced virtual network configuration options using the vSphere Distributed Switch.

HOL-SDC-1407 – VMware Automation Solutions – If you are interested in PowerCLI, vCenter Orchestrator or Autodeploy, you will want to review this lab.  There is some great content showing you the basics of PowerCLI and how to automate Virtual SAN, both beginners and advanced usage of vCenter Orchestrator and how to automate your vSphere Host deployments using Auto Deploy.

HOL-SDC-1423 – vCloud Suite Basic Networking – This lab highlights networking in the vCloud Suite.  After learning the networking basics in the vCloud Suite, you’ll walk through VXLAN configuration and how to use Edge Services for securing your environment.


HOL-MBL-1451 – Horizon 6 with View from A to Z – This lab includes everything you need to know about Horizon 6 with View and has modules focused on Virtual SAN, optimization, troubleshooting and working with SSL certification.

HOL-MBL-1453 – VMware Workspace Portal – Explore and Deploy – This lab gives you the opportunity to explore the Workspace Portal with modules covering ThinApp and SaaS integration, working with SSL certificates and Kerberos SSO, creating a HA cluster and upgrading from v1.8.2 to v2.1.

Stay with us as we finish up the release of the labs.   Tomorrow we will have some great Partner created content!

Celebrate Presidents Day with These New Labs!

For those of you in the United States, Happy President’s Day!  If a day off means more time for you to take Hands-on Labs, we have five new ones to try.  The set we are releasing today are based on VMware’s IT Outcomes.  The IT Outcomes labs will show you how VMware Solutions can help your organization go beyond providing just basic services and how IT can solidify their role as a strategic partner.  For a really neat infographic on how you can archive high value using IT Outcomes, take a peak here.


HOL-SDC-1405 – IT Outcomes – High Availability and Resilient Infrastructure – Learn how to reduce downtime and increase availability for your applications and services with Site Recovery Manager.

HOL-SDC-1412 – IT Outcomes Data Center Virtualization and Standardization – See how to extend the traditional benefits of vSphere and extend it further into your Software Defined Data Center using Virtual SAN and NSX for vSphere.

HOL-SDC-1413 – IT Outcomes – App and Infrastructure Deliver Automation – With vRealize Automation, you can reduce the time to delivery for applications and infrastructure using automated provisioning and policy-based governance throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

HOL-SDC-1415 – IT Outcomes – Security Controls Native to Infrastructure – Learn how several VMware technologies work together to implement policy-based network control, configuration and compliance management, and intelligent operations management.

HOL-SDC-1416 – IT Outcomes – Streamlined and Automated Data Center Operations – See how the vRealize Suite can help you manage your Business Critical Applications such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange.  You will see how to monitor and gauge the capacity and performance Business Critical Applications in the Private or Hybrid Cloud.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another new set of labs!

These New Labs are So Hot, They’ll Melt Stuff!

When you see the group of labs we have for you today, you will vRealize you’re in heaven, My Blue Heaven!  Three of the labs have been updated to the latest release of the vRealize Suite of products.  The Big Data Extensions and VMware Development Tools and SDKs labs have been updated to include new content.

MyBlueHeaven-Still3HOL-SDC-1406 – vCloud Suite 101 – Perfect for anyone wanting an introduction to the vCloud Suite, this lab has been updated to include the latest vRealize Operations and Automation releases.

HOL-SDC-1409 – vSphere Big Data Extensions – Interested in learning more about Big Data and how vSphere can deploy highly available Hadoop clusters in minutes?  See all of that and more in this lab.

HOL-SDC-1421 – Brokering IT Services and Applications with vCloud Automation Center – This is another lab that has been a crowd pleaser and has been updated to include the latest versions of vRealize Automation, ApSync, vRealize Business, and NSX.  Once you’ve gotten the basics of vRealize Automation down with HOL-SDC-1406, this is the perfect lab to gain more in-depth knowledge on vRealize Automation. #module8!

HOL-SDC-1422 – VMware Development Tools and SDKs – This is an introductory lab that will get you up and running building cloud infrastructure solutions with VMware’s development tools and SDKs.  The developer tools and libraries in this lab have been updated to the latest version.

HOL-SDC-1426 – Log Insight in the Real World! –  In this lab you will see how Log Insight can be used to troubleshoot common issues.  It has been updated to the latest release of vRealize Operations and vRealize Insight.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone and be sure to check in next week for the next round of releases!

You’d Be Nuts to Miss These New Labs!

On today’s menu, along with Mixed Nuts, we have the vCloud Air labs along with Horizon Air and ThinApp.  Like dancing with Philip, these labs will make you feel all fuzzy, like dancing on a cloud!


HOL-HBD-1481 – vCloud Air – Jump Start for vSphere Admins – This is a great lab to bring you up to speed on how to connect your existing vSphere environment to vCloud Air.  It covers creating a VM in vCloud Air, along with administering your vCloud Air instance from within the vSphere Web Client and covers basic Networking and Security.

HOL-HBD-1482 – vCloud Air – Networking and Security – This lab offers advanced content around Networking and Security in vCloud Air.  It covers IP Address Portability between Datacenters and vCloud Air and tiering applications across both.

HOL-HBD-1483 – vCloud Air – Manage Your Cloud – If you’d like to get a better understanding on how to manage vCloud Air, this lab covers vRealize Operations, vCloud Connector and how you can utilize PowerCLI to automate resource management.

HOL-MBL-1454 – Applied ThinApp – Capture and Deploy Packages – The lab has been rebuilt and you will learn more about what’s new in ThinApp.next, how to build ThinApp packages and discover the tools available for updating and managing packages.

HOL-MBL-1456 – Horizon Air – Explore and Deploy – This lab introduces Horizon Air, VMware’s Desktop as a Service offering.  You will learn more about the offering and provision and manage your own desktops.

Check back tomorrow or as Trevor would say, you’ll vRealize you missed out on something big!

No Need for a Brain Transplant, Take These New Labs!

Today we have four new labs that will really get your cerebral cortex tingling.  The labs we have for you are around vSphere Performance, Atlantis USX with Virtual SAN, and NSX, both an Introduction and Advanced lab.  So until Dr. Hfuhruhurr can find a way to keep the brains of brilliant men alive in the bodies of dumb people, take a lab!  It will make you smarter!

man-with-two-brains-2HOL-SDC-1404 – vSphere Performance Optimization – This has always been one of the most popular labs and has content for both the beginner and the advanced vSphere Administrator.  You can learn more about the basics of vSphere Performance or delve into esxtop, or vNUMA.

HOL-PRT-1465 – Atlantis USX and VMware VSAN: Software-defined Storage for Tier-1 Applications – This lab comes from one of our Partners, Atlantis Computing.  It has been updated to show more integration with Virtual SAN, including Fast Clone and Teleport.

HOL-SDC-1403 – VMware NSX Introduction – This lab has also been one of the top labs and has been updated to the latest release of NSX.  As the title indicates, it’s a great way to get introduced to the fundamentals of logical switching and routing, distributed firewalls, and edge services gateway in NSX.

HOL-SDC-1425 – VMware NSX Advanced – Once you understand the fundamentals of NSX, why not challenge yourself with more advanced topics like DHCP Relay, Scaling out L3, L2 VPN and how NSX integrates with our Partners TrendMicro and Riverbed.

Stay tuned!  There are some exciting things in the vCloud Air tomorrow!

These Labs are So Great, They’ll be In-famous!

You are in for a real treat today as we continue to release the second set of new and updated labs!  We have two brand new labs that were created just for Partner Exchange in San Francisco and three additional ones with updated content available for you.  These were some of the top performers at Partner Exchange and now with their release to our Hands-on Labs Public Portal, they are sure to be in-famous!

sm3amigosHOL-SDC-1420 – VMware Integrated OpenStack and NSX – This lab has been updated with VMware Integrated OpenStack.  In this lab, you will explore managing vSphere and NSX with VIO.

HOL-SDC-1427 – VMware Software Defined Storage Solution for the Enterprise – Updated to include Virtual Volumes provider content.  It’s a great lab to learn about Storage Policy Based Management Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes.

HOL-SDC-1429 – Virtual Volumes – With the announcement of vSphere 6 and Virtual Volumes, this lab has been updated to the latest build of vSphere 6.  It gives you a closer look at Virtual Volumes and provides content to get you more familiar with the concepts and data path workflows.

HOL-SDC-1430 – Docker Essentials for the vSphere Admin – This is a new lab first released at Partner Exchange in San Francisco last week.  It is designed to introduce Docker and DevOps in general to the vSphere Administrator.

HOL-SDC-1431 – vSphere Optimization Assessment – This is the second new lab being released and shows how vRealize Operations can be used to optimize your vSphere environment.

That’s it for today!  Until next time, adiós mis amigos!

The New Labs are Here! The New Labs are Here!

After an exciting Partner Exchange in San Francisco last week, we are pleased to announce the labs utilized for the event will be released over the next two weeks to the public Hands-on Labs portal.  There is not only refreshed content coming, but also a couple of labs that will make a first time appearance!


Today, we have released four new labs, two of which showcase announcements VMware made last week around vSphere 6 and Virtual SAN 6.  Find your special purpose and take one today!

  • HOL-SDC-1408 – The Introduction to Virtual SAN 101 lab has been renamed to What’s New with Virtual SAN 6.  This lab is now backed by vSphere 6 and highlights some of the new features in Virtual SAN 6.
  • HOL-SDC-1410 – The previous Introduction to Virtualization 101 has been renamed to What’s New with vSphere 6.  This lab is also backed by vSphere 6 and highlights some of the new features.
  • HOL-SDC-1428 – The VMware EVO:RAIL Introduction lab has been rewritten and includes additional content around Auto Discovery, Software Updates and Node Replacement.
  • HOL-MBL-1452 – The Horizon 6 with View – Use Cases lab has been updated to include a guided tour of AppVolumes.

As a reminder, if you are just interested in reviewing the lab manual, you can view the HTML version of the manual or download a copy of it in PDF format from our Document site.

That’s it for today, but be sure to follow us on twitter (@VMwareHOL) or check back here over the next two weeks as the news labs are released!

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