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The art of inviting a friend to take a lab – VMware Hands-on Labs

Happy Friday Folks,

Just wanted to take a few minutes to give you some background on the “Invite a Friend” feature we have in the Hands-on Labs Portal…

This feature was requested by some our friends in the community that liked the content we had in our site and wanted an easier way to share the lab with their friends… so lets get started

Inviting a friend is easy…

1. Go to http://labs.hol.vmware.com – if you don’t have an account you can self register

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend












Step 2 – Choose your method  (You must have your Twitter, FB, Linked accounts associated in your  HOL Profile Settings – go to My Profile and associate your Social Media Accounts with HOL)  My friends tend to ignore my emails so I tend to use my twitter account a little more.

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend










Please note: Your friends will receive an email from “admin@projectnee.com” so it is important you use relevant / descriptive subject lines see below.

VMware Hands-on Labs invite a friend














Well that is all I have for this wonderful afternoon thanks for reading and remember be kind invite a friend to take a lab !

Help shape the future of VMware Hands-on Labs – join us March 5th, 9:00 AM PST

help shape the future of vmware hands-on labs

Friends of VMware Hands-on Labs,
We wanted to share with our users our planning for the 2014 season and get feedback from you. This is a great opportunity to share your ideas, and tell us what you would like to see.


Update on Hands-on Labs / Direction
– Content Planning for 2014 Season
– What would you like to see in next generation labs
– Portal / Website updates in the works
– Open Feedback

Session will be recorded and posted for folks that cannot attend.


How to send text to console – New Feature VMware Hands-on Labs


Just wanted to call out a new feature the teams have put into the HOL portal to allow users to send text directly to the console – Some of you might not have been able to enter credentials into some of the labs due to a bug encountered when using international keyboard.

The send text to console button will appear after you start your lab – it is in the lower left hand side of your window (see below)

Hope this helps making your life easier when taking your labs – Enjoy !


The Many Clouds of Hands-on Labs

cloudsBehind the scenes of VMware’s Hands-on Labs, there is a lot of “care and feeding” of the lab infrastructure, manuals, and the lab environments themselves. You might be surprised at how much opportunity there is for things to stop working, even in environments that have been precisely configured and then effectively frozen in time. For example, SSL certificates and password expiration policies are the bane of my existence…

On a call at the end of 2013, I demonstrated some of my maintenance workflows to others on my team and they thought that at least some of our readers would be interested in what I am doing behind the scenes. So, I am kicking off a short series of posts to outline some of the challenges we have and solutions we have developed with the hope that someone out there finds them useful, or at the very least, interesting. Continue reading

Join us at VMware Partner Exchange 2014 – Meet our Product Experts – Hands-on Labs


We are incredibly excited about  bringing to our Partners the VMware Hands-on Labs – This is a superb opportunity for you to come in learn all about our products, take a lab and meet the actual people that built the labs.

Please join us – looking forward to seeing you there ….

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