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Chance to win VMworld Passes – Show us where you take labs – Defy Convention









We are kicking off a really fun contest with the goal to show how easy and fun it is to take labs anywhere and anytime.

What do you have to do to win?

Simply upload a photo of you and or your team / friends taking labs in unconventional places – that is it.

Winner Criteria

This contest is very much about defying standard convention  – which just so happens to be the theme for VMworld 2013 so we open it up to your creativity.

Here are some guidelines

  • Some random ideas of what we are looking for…  Take a picture of you at the top of mountain taking a lab, at your favorite spa taking a lab, on your train ride home taking a lab, studying for VCP exam with your friends – on an airplane taking a lab, at your favorite coffee shop taking a lab…. Also be sure to let us see the HOL Portal in the photo.
  • Creative:  We are looking for creative ways you take labs that can be photographed and presented to a public audience – (this means keep the pictures tasteful and rated G)
  • Usefulness: If you have a great tip to share with our community – this is the place to do it and express it in a photo – please be sure to include a caption or description of what is going on in the photo

How to participate

Take a photo of you and your teams / friends taking labs – and post them on twitter @VMwarehol or your favorite social media site. Be sure to respond to this post with your submissions.

Dont forget to add some context / description of what we are looking at – sometimes a picture does not tell the whole story.

Winners Announcements

Winners will be announced on the HOL Blog  http://blogs.vmware.com/hol

  •  July 1st – 2 Winners
  • August 1st – 2 Winners

Contest Rules

This is simply a fun raffle contest and we are trying to keep things open and easy. Please use good judgment when publishing your photos as we would like to highlight you in our blog. Remember your co-workers, family and friends will see this so keep it clean.  The winners will receive a full conference pass for VMworld US – so this does NOT include Travel and Expenses.

Who can enter?

We prefer to keep our contest open to VMware Customers and Partners and community members.

Questions / Comments

Send a note to our helpful alias hands-on-lab-beta <at> vmware dot com


Hands-on Labs: Where are the Installation Labs?

Our goal is to build labs that are useful to you, our customer. To be honest, our secret evil plan is to get you to buy our products… but don’t tell anyone. Now, it would be really nice if we could put everything you might need into each lab and allow you to do anything you want inside the environment. Unfortunately, there are some limits to what we can offer while continuing to provide a consistent and positive experience.

As an example of one of these limitations, we do not currently offer installation labs via our online portal or at VMworld. These are labs that would contain the installation media and bare infrastructure components. We receive several requests for this kind of thing via our surveys, and I wanted to address these with a little behind-the-scenes information. Part of the challenge is that these kinds labs create a lot of stress on the back end that causes everything to slow down.

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