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FreeBSD 9.3

Support for FreeBSD 9.3 has been introduced for these products:

  • ESXi 5.5 Update 1

For more information about software support, please check the VMware Compatibility Guide

One thought on “FreeBSD 9.3

  1. Christopher T. Sherman

    The compatibility guide lists 9.3 as “No Longer Supported,” and pulling up the details at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/detail.php?deviceCategory=software&testConfig=16&productid=17607&releaseid=172&supRel=172,&deviceCategory=software&details=1&partner=109&testConfigurations=16&page=1&display_interval=10&sortColumn=Partner&sortOrder=Asc&testConfig=16 shows start and end of support as both being on July 30, 2014. Is this an error or did you folks uncover something nasty after announcing support?

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