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Apple Mac OS X Server

The release of vSphere 5 introduces support for Apple’s Mac OS X Server operating system on ESXi 5.0, with the following support considerations:

  • To run Mac OS X in a virtual machine, ESXi must be running on Apple branded hardware.
  • ESXi 5.0 introduces hardware support for Apple’s Xserver 3,1 server.
  • Supported versions include Snow Leopard 10.6 through update 10.6.8 with supplemental update v1.1.
  • Installation instruction for Mac OS X 10.6 can be found here http://partnerweb.vmware.com/GOSIG/MacOSX_10_6.html

For more information about software and hardware support, please check the VMware Compatibility Guide

2 thoughts on “Apple Mac OS X Server

  1. Nick

    Now that vSphere 5 is GA, when will the HCL be updated? I don’t see any Apple hardware on the HCL, despite public notices that it supports the now-discontinued Xserve.

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