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Recent changes, updates and upcoming guest support for vSphere 4.0

Hi folks,
You may have noticed a format change to the Guest OS Install Guide blog. We recently
made some small improvements by adding useful new links and implementing a cleaner format to the sidebar presentation. The sidebar
now includes 
easy navigation to the Web Compatibility Guide, an RSS
feed option, and OSP VMware Tools documentation.
Searchable operating system support
We are getting closer to launching the searchable, Web Compatibility Guide interface
that was previously announced. This has
been in development for a while and we're excited about its upcoming availability.
 Here is just a
of the benefits you can expect to find:

  • Dynamic, online,
    easy-to-use query interface

  • Guest and Host Operating System
    compatibility data

  • Additional OS support details such as SMP, supported NICs and storage

  • On-demand and configurable PDF data generation

VMware vSphere 4.0
In addition to all the great things you have heard about the next ESX releasethe blog will soon announce some exciting guest operating system support details.

  • Over a dozen new supported operating system families for

  • Many more updates to currently
    supported operating systems

  • New up-to-date
    installation instructions for new
    supported guests

So stay tuned. As soon as vSphere 4.0 goes
live, the blog will announce all changes
to operating system support in detail!