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Great Improvements for Guest OS support are coming!

Hi folks,
My name is Luke Congdon and I am the
product manager at VMware for Guest Operating System support. I want to take
this opportunity to introduce myself, as well as preview some upcoming
changes to guest operating system support at VMware.
The operating system is a fundamental
computing building block that connects
hardware to the user and supports all manner of jobs and tasks; whether in a
virtual machine or on a physical
 Supporting operating systems is
the number one feature
of VMware platforms and the core function of what we do. I'd like to use this
blog to start a conversation between VMware users (you) and myself to discuss
operating system support needs, items of interest and OS-related topics. The
best market research is listening to existing and prospective customers. I plan
to periodically post topics of interest and/or surveys and encourage you
to share your
In a few months, the
first big change you will notice is a transformation of how we present our
operating system compatibility data. Soon, you will see that we're publishing OS compatibility to an
online, searchable web interface,
co-located with hardware compatibility that is already searchable.
We are doing this to make operating
system compatibility searches easier and more flexible. No longer will you need
to download a 4.5MB PDF file when you only want to check support data for a
single OSIn addition, I'm excited to
announce that both host and guest OS support will now be listed for the majority of the products already covered in
the Guest Operating System Install Guide. An archived version of the
GOSIG PDF will remain available for older product support data if needed. Stay tuned!
Luke Congdon

4 thoughts on “Great Improvements for Guest OS support are coming!

  1. xtuh

    Hi, is Debian support planning in VMWareServer?
    also its good idea to add checkbox in new VM wisard for create VM compatibled with ESX. (i know that i can use SCSI and some .vmx modification but new users dont know that)

  2. Luke Congdon

    xtuh, Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I can’t discuss planned features or roadmap items. Regards, Luke

  3. Lode

    I’d like to ask to keep an updated pdf (or other downloadable) version available as well. When at a customer site behind firewalls and without a WAN connection, a searchable PDF on my laptop beats a searchable KB somewhere in the cloud every time.

  4. Marc

    I would like to run on OpenBSD a webserver and an application both written in MS C?? on Windows. We are using the software Appha Five Platinum Version 9 (10 comming soon) from http://www.alphasoftware.com A demo can be downloaded and a local webserver (just for browsers on the same machine) is built in for test/programming purposes.
    It is for our many projects but also, this software helps many people and entreprises to Do-it-Yourself a professionnal quality webpage or database application. So,the market is there!
    1) Do you think your software could work on OpenBSD with our application?
    2) We are trying to find a safe web server plateform.
    Other that OpenBSD, does it exist?
    Please, Note, that I do not have any stake in these products, and my intention is not to suggest any software or say that they are good.

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