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Latest Updates

These are the changes or updates made to the Guest Operating System Installation Guide since it was last published:

  • Updated with new Fusion 1.1.1 release. See supported guest operating systems.
  • Added note to Ubuntu 7.04 install instructions. See “Ubuntu Linux 7.04” on page 194.
  • Revised install instructions for Red Hat Linux 9.0. See “Red Hat Linux 9.0” on page 112.

PDF: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/GuestOS_guide.pdf

HTML: http://pubs.vmware.com/guestnotes/

2 thoughts on “Latest Updates

  1. Rebecca Mason

    Hi Ralph,
    I’m sorry you had a disappointing experience with the Latest Updates page for the Guest OS Install Guide. I will talk with web services to better understand the issues and see how we might improve the process.
    Thanks for your comments. I will respond with some answers/solutions as quickly as possible.

  2. Rebecca Mason

    Hi Ralph,
    It sounds as though you prefer a different format for viewing information. The VMware Technical Communications and Localization group does not currently have any plans to change the format of our documentation. However, I can pass your comment along to the infrastructure group for them to consider.
    To ensure that you can read our current documentation, you need a PDF reader installed to view the PDFs. You can find PDF readers for both Linux and Windows on the web. To successfully view and search the HTML, you need to have JavaScript turned on in your browser.

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