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Weekly Links – January 22, 2013

How about that flu strain going around, huh???

Here’s to hoping that most readers here were able to avoid it—unlike us… After a week of Emergen-C, boxes of tissues and watching terrible Netflix movies on the couch, it’s safe to say that we’re suffering from a bit of cabin fever. Don’t you just love January?

In any event, here are this week’s links:

Facebook pushes a new model for buying servers (InfoWorld)

Java Security Warnings: Cut Through the Confusion (InformationWeek)

GitHub blocked in China (TheNextWeb)

Samsung official confirms Galaxy 8 Note 8.0 tablet (GigaOM)

Kim Dotcom’s new file locker “Mega” opens to the public (Ars Technica)

In keeping with the aforementioned “Cabin Fever” theme, this week’s apropos of nothing image is dedicated to the beach; a.k.a., where we want to be right about now:

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