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Weekly Links – January 15, 2013

Hello there, IT admins! Looks like most of the country is dealing with the same frigid weather front—even right here in the Bay Area (some of us could even seen our own breaths this morning—a huge deal for weather-sensitive Northern Californians, mind you).

Here are this week’s links to accompany your hot chocolate this morning:

Your New Guide to Higher Education IT (InformationWeek)

In IT, downtime chooses you (InfoWorld)

Massive espionage malware targeting governments undetected for 5 years (Ars Technica)

15 great IT telecommuting jobs (IT World)

Embrace the Inevitable Change that Comes with IT (IT Business Edge)

This week’s apropos of nothing image is an undated photo from the Upper East Side in New York City, circa 1909.

You can read our previous links round-ups here. And be sure to visit us here for more information on how we can help you better manage your IT infrastructure and for a 30 day free trial to VMware Go Pro.

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